Remarkable Accomplishment by YU Students in Dubai


Remarkable Accomplishment by YU Students in Dubai:

Student Alwaleed Saleh Alomair Overall Winner of Public Speaking Competition

69 Teams from 45 Universities from 9 GCC & Arab Countries


Student Alwaleed Saleh Alomair proudly held the university flag high at the 17th Intercollege Environmental Public Speaking Competition organized by the Emirates Environmental Group in Dubai when he emerged as the Overall Winner of the competition which brought 69 teams from 45universities coming from GCC countries, and Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan and Jordan.

As the speaker of the team that consisted of his colleagues Abdulhameed Salahuddin Alquraishi and Turki Abdullah Alsayari, he delivered a commanding and persuasive presentation on the competition topic, “Sustainable Food Systems: Understanding Food Security”. Alwaleed argued that the notion of food insecurity does not seem to be real as the world is producing enough food. However the mismanagement of food resources (both by organizations and individuals) coupled with unethical economics and politics (that use food as a mere commodity, a tool or a weapon) are the main causes of the food shortage in many parts in the world. With his masterful performance and excellent public speaking skills that resulted from collaborative team work, sustained research and practice and team support, he snatched the Winner title in the said topic and the biggest title of the competition which is the Overall Winner for the 2017 cycle of the competition.

In the topic of “Quality Education: Roadmap to Sustainable Development”, student Sarah Hmoud Alrshoudi gave a thought-provoking presentation that she developed with her colleagues Sarah Ghali Alsaad and Lina Rami Mahmoud, arguing that quality education should be defined in terms of the rightful implementation and employment of knowledge and ethics and the real-life practicing of the concepts and principles preached in the classroom. Only then can education be a roadmap to achieve sustainable development.

Sarah’s fluency, excellent presentation skills and easy-to-follow content engaged the audience and the juries throughout the presentation and earned her the First Runner-Up rank in her category.

This outstanding student achievement in this competition is one in the series of similar achievements, as the university has been a constant participant in the EEG public speaking competition since 2008. Throughout those years, YU students have always come back home with trophies and achievement certificates in the individual categories or the overall ranking. This year, it is the third time that YU students took the Overall Winner title: the first time in 2009 and the second time in 2012.

The two teams were coached and supervised by Ms. Meher Sultana and Mr. Asaad Al Asaad.

Women Section Carnival 2017


Yamamers in the women section took an hour off to break away from the daily class routine and celebrate their talents and event management skills in the Carnival 2017, which brought nothing but joy, engagement and an atmosphere of relaxation to the participants.

Fun and fair games that entertained the students, faculty and staff in the women’s section were organized and conducted by members and volunteers of the Student Council and led by COBA faculty, Ms. Atiya Parveen. A variety of fun and light activities eased the participants’ anxiety of the approaching final exams and created an atmosphere of collegiality and oneness between students and faculty members.

The participants gathered at the end of the event around the big cake and delicious treats as the Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Shehana Alkhudair, cut the cake in a joyful air of sisterly happiness.

Law Students Visit Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers


A group of law students, supervised by Head of Department, Dr. Khalid Alhabshan, visited on Wednesday 29-11-2017 the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and met with Chief of the Bureau, HE Mohammed ibn Sulaiman Alajaji.

After a quick tour at of the headquarters of the Bureau, the group headed to the Main Hall, where they were welcomed by Head of PR, Mr. Khalid Almohareb, and Consultant, Mr. Mansour Alosaimi. Then HE Alajaji welcomed the students and gave a detailed description of the Bureau, its history, duties and function and its work mechanisms, and answered the students’ questions.

This meeting was followed by another meeting with Deputy Chief, Dr. Amro bin Ibrahim Rajab, and Consultant, Alosaimi who explained the process of revising and issuing decrees and bylaws. The heads of departments and sections then explained the different duties and functions of their departments and the work integration and completion processes.

Finally, the group toured the library, which is regarded as the largest legal library in the Kingdom, containing rare and unique legal manuscripts, books and decrees.

Upon leaving, Alhabshan thanked the Chief of the Bureau and his staff for their warm welcome and the opportunity they extended to the students.

Law Students Visit Shoura Council


A group of law students, supervised by Head of Department, Dr. Khalid Alhabshan, visited on Tuesday 28-11-2017 the Shoura Council as part of the Law Club extra-curricular activities plan of visits to key institutions in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.

HE Dr. Fahad Hamoud Alanazi, Member of Economy and Power Committee at the Shoura Council, welcomed the group and gave them an overview of the history of the council, its role in the legislative life in the Kingdom, the work mechanisms and procedures.

The students then took a tour around the Shoura Council premises, visiting the library that hosts 39k books at the disposal of the council members, Al-Andalusiya Hall, the Main Hall, where the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques gives the annual royal speech, and finally the television broadcast studio.

After the tour, the students headed back to the Main Hall to attend, as listeners, the weekly session of the council and learn about the official procedures of the council deliberations.

At the end of their visit, Alhabshan expressed his thanks and appreciation to Mr. Ghannam Almutairi, PR team member and the women PR team at the council for their efforts in organizing the visit, which was a unique opportunity to educate the students about the most important legislative institution in the Kingdom and helped enhance their sense of national pride and love of the country. He also asked the PR team to convey Al Yamamah’s appreciation to the council presidency and to the Council President, HE Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-alshaikh, for giving the students this opportunity to visit the council and learn about it.

TAQEEM Spreads Awareness at YU


The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM) organized an awareness event to speak about its role, scope of work, and future of the valuation profession on November 20, 2017 at Shaikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall at the university.

The evening event was started by Mr. Saeed Albaiz, Marketing and Communication Supervisor at TAQEEM, who gave an overview of the authority, its domain and work, highlighting the role it plays in enhancing the valuation profession and developing its potential in a methodological way. He explained that TAQEEM is concerned with creating the rules and regulations for the valuation of real estate, businesses, equipment, and other property as well as providing the requirements for the development and growth of the valuation profession, obtaining TAQEEM membership and training the valuers in compliance with international standards.

Drawing lines of demarcation between the accountant, the certified accountant and the valuer, Mr. Nawaf Althunayan, Certified Accountant and Member of TAQEEM said that the valuer’s main task is to determine a true and realistic value of an establishment bearing in mind the tangible and intangible assets according to accredited international criteria. “One of the key roles of businesses valuation”, according to Althunayan, “is the one it plays in the cases of mergers and acquisitions, sale of business and IPO (initial public offering).”

TAQEEM Member, Ms. Nouf Altoaimi, spoke about the valuation of SMEs and the methods applied in this sector in particular.

The evening was concluded by a Q & A session where the audience and speakers focused mostly on how to develop the authority and the adoption of new methods of valuation.


Workshops at YU: “The Impact of the Growth of the Trademark on Small Enterprises”


As part of its social responsibility series of workshops for this year, the university hosted an evening workshop at Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall entitled, “The Impact of the Growth of the Trademark on Small Enterprises” that targeted young entrepreneurs. Dr. Khalid Alrajhi, Vice-President of Alrajhi Holding, spoke in the first session about the main theme of the workshop highlighting the importance of measuring the trademark as a main tool of determining its growth in the long term. Dr. Alrajhi explained how this process is vital to guarantee the prevalence of the product and its related services and value in the minds of the public.

The second session was presented by Ms. Nourah Alsuwaliem, Customer Relations Manager at Glow Communications. Alsuwaliem spoke about rebuilding the trademark and the need to pay special attention to the colors, shapes and proper designs of the product identity that cater for its promotion. Speaking about Flyin as a case in point, she highlighted the necessity of rethinking the identity of the trademark in cases of mergers, acquisitions or expansions to accommodate the new horizons of growth and development.

The last session featured Mr. Faisal Alrasheed, Marketing Manager, Shawremer, who gave a thorough review of relation between the project concept and the right selection of the company trademark, giving live examples of how his company succeeded innovating and implementing creative and extraordinary marketing methods that sounded unfamiliar and unprecedented to create awareness and draw attention.

The presentations were then followed by a Q & A session and thank-you awards to the guest speakers.

Quality Assurance Consultants Visit INTERLINK at YU


In the framework of the continuous self-appraisal that INTERLINK Language Center does on a regular basis, and in which employees review their own performance, set goals for the coming year, and explore future trends, INTERLINK at YU hosted quality assurance specialists Mr. Sean Conley and Ms. Mary Scholl during the period from 4 to 9 November 2017 to meet with the teachers and fulfill the self-appraisal requirements.

The objectives of the visit included team development for administration leaders, team development for academic staff, including instructors and overall evaluation for the two center sections (men & women).

Having completed the same tour in all six INTERLINK centers in the US, Sean and Mary’s recent evaluations of male and female sections of INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University had a very positive impact on the self-evaluations and employee evaluations in general, and provided useful feedback for an improved working system for all centers under the auspices of the central Home Office of the company.

The consultants’ visit and the one-to-one meetings they held with INTERLINK at YU teachers had a number of positive outcomes. It provided a very positive impact on the teachers’ self-evaluations and employees evaluations in general (teachers and staff appreciated the additional opportunity to be heard by management) and helped provide teachers with useful feedback on their instruction and class management.

The use of the NBI™ (Neethling Brain Instruments) suite of assessments which is a psychology and neuroscience-based psychometric assessments was eye-opening and helped management and staff have a measure of their thinking preferences—the degree to which people prefer some kinds of tasks more than others. This type of exploration has important implications for how teachers lead, communicate, relate to others, and work in teams as well as for the choices they make. Implementing NBI™ tools helped enhance social and emotional intelligence and consolidate the sense of ‘team’ at INTERLINK at YU.

The visit program was lead and administered by INTERLINK Director General, Dr. Nebila Dieb in partnership and collaboration with Mr. Marshal Brewer, Executive Director, INTERLINK Home Office, Colorado.

Director of Business Development at Colgate and YU Alumnus, Abdulrahman Aldweesh, Speaks to Marketing Students


As part of its plan to invite professional guest speakers to address the students about current issues in business administration, COBA hosted the Director of Business Development at Colgate, and YU alumnus, Mr. Abdulrahman Aldweesh, who spoke to the class of International Marketing about the business development process in big companies.

Aldweesh said that the process involves the use and implementation of various methods and techniques such as the assessment of marketing opportunities, potential markets, and target groups. It also involves collecting proper data about clients and competitors and taking the lead in evolving markets. He added that the business development manager is tasked with the assessment and evaluation of the business processes, with the view to achieving maximum outcomes in terms of quality and profits. Drawing on his professional experience at Colgate, especially in relation to the company’s success in content localization and meeting the requirements of the Saudi market, Aldweesh gave living examples of how the business development manager should use the available tools to achieve his targets.

In his presentation, YU alumnus Abdulrahman Aldweesh spoke about his years as a student at university and urged the class to take every available opportunity to maximize their learning outcomes by working on creative and innovative projects and participating in extra-curricular activities as means to building experience and skills.

The presentation was then followed by a Q & A session and a thank-you award to the guest speaker.

COBA Hosts Flynas Marketing and Communications Director General


The College of Business Administration hosted Flynas Marketing & Communications Director General, Mr. Bandar Alhassan, who spoke to the college students about his professional history and growth from an entry level position at a travel agency to a leading position in one of the strategic airline companies in the kingdom.

Addressing the students, Alhassan highlighted the need for perseverance and continuous development as the key to growth and promotion. He also noted the importance of soft skills such as presentation skills, communication skills and negotiations as vital assets that they should master to be well-prepared for the labor market.

Throughout his presentation, Alhassan explained how the customer relations team in any company is the one who either makes or breaks the reputation and perception of the company in the market, helps promote its products or services in the community and directly contributes to its achievement of target profits.

Speaking about digital marketing as a new trend, Alhassan urged the students to explore this field and learn about its minute details and secrets as it represents a very promising, yet underdeveloped marketing method in the Saudi market.

The presentation was then followed by a Q & A session and a thank-you award to the guest speaker.


Annual Meeting for Students with University’s President


The Deanship of Admission, Registration and Student Affairs (DARSA) organized on Tuesday 31/10/2017, the annual meeting of the students with the university president, Prof. Hussein Mohammed Alfreihi, with the participation of the deans, heads of departments and faculty.

Prof. Alfreihi welcomed the students and congratulated them and all the university faculty and staff on the university’s obtainment of the full institutional accreditation by the Education Evaluation Commission in Saudi Arabia, and commended their efforts that lead to this well-deserved achievement.

He also thanked the students for their participation in the meeting and stressed the university’s keenness to meet all the challenges and provide every possibility to create an ideal learning environment and a rich extra-curricular activities plan inside and outside university. He added that the students are the “center of the learning process”, and that the university “will employ its potential fully to serve the students and to create the right conditions for excellence and creativity”. Prof. Alfreihi went on to talk about the steps and decisions made last year to revise the programs, update policies and study plans, develop the COOP program and recruit the best faculty members which will play a major role in motivating dynamic quality work.

The Q & A session covered a wide spectrum of students’ inquiries and suggestions. The issues that were discussed included academic affairs, extra-curricular activities, logistical needs and various needs in full transparency and openness.