Al Yamamah University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with KUDU Company


Al Yamamah University and KUDU Company have signed a cooperation and training agreement to make suitable training opportunities available for the university students and to prepare them to start their own projects. The president of the university, Professor Hussien Al Freihi, mentioned that this agreement is considered as one of a series of agreements that the university has signed that aims at activating the cooperative training program. This program aims at preparing and enabling students to start their own business projects as pioneers, granting them the patency license, supplying them with all necessary requirements and facilitating any hurdles they may encounter. Through this program, students will apply their classroom knowledge in a practical experience in a real work environment through a partnership between the student and the company.

Professor Hussein also added that through this agreement, the student applies the acquired academic skills and knowledge. He also tests his efficiency in the market under an ongoing supervision and follow up by the administration of the university and the company supervisors. He affirmed that one of the university’s missions is to seek suitable training opportunities for the university students or through assisting them in their business projects as business pioneers. In addition, the university looks for securing suitable job opportunities for them and helping them to acquire the needed field experience in the market. This will improve their skills and reinforce their self-confidence to face any difficulties they may encounter in their first practical experience after graduation.

Professor Hussein pointed out that the university assists students during their academic study to make their own decisions concerning the diversified work fields starting from going over the varied job opportunities to the official appointment of students in the market after graduation.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of KUDU Company, Mr. Rakan Al Rashid, clarified that the training agreement between Al Yamamah University and the company aims at employing the university students and preparing them to start their own business projects through supporting them, granting them a license and supplying them with all necessary requirements to start a future project and a joint work that reinforces the concept of business among students. This also contributes to the formation of students’ visions towards business, giving them the required knowledge and skills, enriching their professional knowledge and creating a good work environment to get them used to work and taking responsibility.

Al Rashid pointed out that signing this agreement came upon a certainty from both sides that it will eventually benefit students. He said: It is our responsibility to create suitable opportunities for students especially that we are interested in holding a partnership with Al Yamamah University that is well known for its highly competent graduate students.

He added that the significance of the program came from the need to spread professional awareness among university students. It refers to the solid Saudi economy and the capacity of the qualified Saudi youth in the market.

It is remarkable to mention that KUDU Company has more than 30 years of experience in the business field in the Saudi market in the food trade inside the kingdom and Arab worldwide.

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Al Yamamh Students in the 2nd National Programming Contest


The 2nd national programming competition is one of the most prestigious programming contests where students in groups compete to solve a set of advance programming problems drawn from real world scenarios. The contest is held in Ha’il University with conjunction of the 2nd national computing colleges’ conference from 22-23 Feb. 2017.  This version of the contest consists of 11 problems and the winners is those teams who solve the largest number of the problems with the least amount of time. The contest foster creativity, teamwork, and innovation in building new software programs, and enabling students to test their ability to perform under pressure.

CCIS faculty students Abdulaziz almadhi, Sari alhalabi, and Abdualmalik basodan along with their coach Dr. Ibrahim aloqily participating in the competition. Our team showed remarkable skills and achieved well even though they were the only first year students in the contest. This shows a practical evidence of the quality of teaching of Al yamamh University.

The students and their coach highly value the support they received from the dean of the CCIS faculty and the university management at all levels while preparing for the contest and for encouragement received during the contest.

It is worth mentioning that the contest follows the format of the well-known ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) that is being held worldwide since 1972.

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Al Yamamah University First Economic Forum 2017 (YUEF 2017)


المنتدى الاقتصادي الاول صور الويب

With approval of the Ministry of Education, Al Yamamah University is holding the first Al Yamamah Economic Forum 2017 (YUEF 2017) under the title “Diversification of Saudi Economy in light of Vision 2030”. The forum is scheduled for March 1st, 2017 (2/6/1438). A number of international and local speakers and analysts are to participate in the forum, which will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and the presentation of working papers from private and government institutions in addition to some specialized research papers.

The forum kicks off with a major session titled “Facing the Digital Tsunami while reaching Vision 2030” to be presented by Professor Eric Spangberg, Dean of College of Business Administration, University of California-Irvine. The session will be moderated by Dr. Own Cargol, Acting Dean of College of Business Administration. The second session will be “The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Economic Development and Employment, and the requirements for their success” to be presented by Dr. Hamad Al Alshaikh, Head of the Investment Committee in Takaful Charity Organization and ex-Deputy Minister of Boys’ Education Affairs. The session will be moderated by Professor Hussam Ramadan, the University Vice President. The major sessions will be concluded with the third session titled “Saudi Economy: present situation and future prospects” presented by Dr. AbdulAziz Al Dakheel, President of Al Dakheel Financial Group.

After that, the forum will feature its first panel discussion “Role of Private Sector in Offering Innovative Solutions for diversifying Saudi Economy”. This panel discussion will be chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Babily, Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning and Mr. Rashed Al Fouzan, Director of CNBC Arabia in KSA, Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi, Head of the Board in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Mohammed Al Sayer, member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Talat Hafiz, the main panelist.

The Second panel discussion will target young entrepreneurs under the title “Contributions of Small and Medium Enterprises in Creating Employment Opportunities”. The panelists are Salman Al Sehaibani, Ms. Maha Shirah, Mr. Faris Al Turki and Mr. Ahmed AL Jibreen, the head of the panel.

The Forum also features sessions for working papers from Government and private institutions and some specialized research papers.

Oracle Academy Open Day



It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you as teacher, Dean or ICT curricula manager, to the Oracle Academy Open Day in Riyadh. The objective of this event is to introduce you with the opportunities and benefits for your institution, for you and for the ICT students, through several short presentations by different stakeholders, like our own Oracle Experts, but also Oracle Academy members, Oracle Partners and Digital Champions.

During this event, you will also have the possibility to network with your peers and other attendees with background in education,

The Oracle Academy helps more than 1.9 million students gain industry-relevant skills. Few subjects will open as many doors for students in the twenty-first century as computer science (CS) and engineering. To help educators awaken and deepen students’ interest in these important fields of study, the Oracle Academy makes available CS education resources that are up-to-date, industry-relevant, and engaging.

We hope to welcome you on Thursday 8th of December, to our free of charge Oracle Academy Day:

  • Step by step procedures and transparent and clear examples, to show how to close the gap between education and industry.
  • Find out what benefits Oracle Academy is able to offer you and your institution
  • Speakers will provide you a 360 view from different angles on how to integrate vendor content into today’s curriculum..
  • Share your view and your experiences with your peers..

Oracle Academy Open Day – Riyadh

Time & Location

Thursday, 8th December 2016
10:00 – 15:00
Al Yamamah University

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Hussam Ramadan, Vice President , Al Yamamah University

 Mr. Osama Alsulaiman , Director for Key Industries, Oracle Saudi

Registration is required! Register Here

or write an e-mail to:



During the start of the Fall Semester the College of Engineering and Architecture organized a workshop for the female students. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness amongst the students about the role of women in the field of architecture in Saudi Arabia. Two distinguished speakers from the public and private sector were invited who communicated in detail with the students about expected hurdles, professional issues and how to prepare for them.