College of Engineering and Architecture Organizes Second Exhibition

May 16, 2018/by yuwebadn

The Alumni Affairs at Al Yamamah University Organized Workshops for Graduate Students

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

YU Signed a Cooperation Agreement with ASBAR Center

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Vice President of Scranton University visited YU

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Saudi Electricity Company held a Lecture on Information Security at YU

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

College of Business Administration Organizes a Lecture on Quality

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

YU Students Participated in KAUST’s TAQADAM Program

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Vice President of Al Habib Medical Group for Human Resources lectured at the new Human Resources Community

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

HRH Princess Rima bint Bandar Sponsors the Graduation Ceremony of Women Section at YU

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

YU Organized the International High Schools Debate Tournament for Male and Female Students

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Students Celebrated International Mother Earth Day

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

College of Law Students Visited the Human Rights Commission

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

YU Students Participated in Kaizen Arabia

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

The Big 5 Exhibition

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University and Takamul Holding Company Sign a Cooperation Agreement

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University Organized the Japanese Ambassador’s Cup of Judo 2018

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Ghazi Al-Gosaibi Chair Organized the Festival of Culture and Arts

May 7, 2018/by yuwebadn

Dr. Fayq Al Akayleh Promoted to Associate Professor

February 4, 2018/by yuwebadn

Harvard-Sponsored Research Project Makes Progress

February 4, 2018/by yuwebadn

The Skills Record: A New Tool to Boost Students Engagement

February 4, 2018/by yuwebadn

Graduation Ceremony in March

February 4, 2018/by yuwebadn

INTERLINK at YU Holds Annual PD Workshop

February 4, 2018/by yuwebadn

Partnership Extended between YU and INTERLINK

January 17, 2018/by yuwebadn

YU President Welcomes the President of ASBAR Forum

January 8, 2018/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University and MA’ADEN Sign Memorandum of Cooperation and Exchange of Experiences

January 3, 2018/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah Launches Student Award for Social Responsibility

December 28, 2017/by yuwebadn

YU at Colors of Saudi 2017

December 20, 2017/by yuwebadn

YU Participating in the 1st Saudi Applications Expo

December 20, 2017/by yuwebadn

Deputy Head of HR & Development at Riyad Bank Addresses MBA Students

December 20, 2017/by yuwebadn

Lawyer & Sports Arbitrator, Said Alamri, Speaks at Law Department

December 20, 2017/by yuwebadn

MOU between YU & Kingdom Schools

December 19, 2017/by yuwebadn

Ghazi Algosaibi Chair Distinguishes between Women and Men in Style of Writing

December 18, 2017/by yuwebadn

Domino’s Pizza Head of Marketing Speaks to Class

December 18, 2017/by yuwebadn

Saudi Women with a New Vision

December 16, 2017/by yuwebadn

This House Believes Private Higher Education Should Be Non-Profit

December 12, 2017/by yuwebadn

CCIS Ecology Class Spread Awareness about Recycling and Endangered Animals

December 12, 2017/by yuwebadn

Success Stories Told at YU

December 12, 2017/by yuwebadn

Remarkable Accomplishment by YU Students in Dubai

December 3, 2017/by yuwebadn

Women Section Carnival 2017

December 3, 2017/by yuwebadn

Law Students Visit Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers

November 29, 2017/by yuwebadn

Law Students Visit Shoura Council

November 28, 2017/by yuwebadn

TAQEEM Spreads Awareness at YU

November 20, 2017/by yuwebadn

Workshops at YU: “The Impact of the Growth of the Trademark on Small Enterprises”

November 11, 2017/by yuwebadn

Quality Assurance Consultants Visit INTERLINK at YU

November 9, 2017/by yuwebadn

Director of Business Development at Colgate and YU Alumnus, Abdulrahman Aldweesh, Speaks to Marketing Students

November 9, 2017/by yuwebadn

COBA Hosts Flynas Marketing and Communications Director General

November 9, 2017/by yuwebadn

Annual Meeting for Students with University’s President

November 2, 2017/by yuwebadn

Law Students Visit Criminal Evidence Department at the General Directorate of Public Security

October 31, 2017/by yuwebadn

MBA Program Hosts Graphene Ventures LLC, President to Speak About Venture Capital

October 26, 2017/by yuwebadn

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Workshop Organized by Law Students Club

October 26, 2017/by yuwebadn

16 COBA Students Shine at the STEAM Innovation Challenge by KAUST

October 22, 2017/by yuwebadn

Alumni Office visited Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

July 11, 2017/by yuwebadn

Discussion Forum-2017 “Marketing in Changing and Challenging Environment”

May 15, 2017/by yuwebadn

Inspiring humanity to protect our planet

May 15, 2017/by yuwebadn

YU-University of Florida Senior Certificate Program in Computer Science and Engineering Spring 2018

April 13, 2017/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with KUDU Company

March 22, 2017/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamh Students in the 2nd National Programming Contest

March 5, 2017/by yuwebadn

Alumni Office organizes a workshop entitled: (How to plan your Career Path)

February 16, 2017/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University First Economic Forum 2017 (YUEF 2017)

February 7, 2017/by yuwebadn

Summer Program in US

February 6, 2017/by yuwebadn

Meeting of University President, Prof. Dr. Hussein M. AlFreihi with Students

December 21, 2016/by yuwebadn

Oracle Academy Open Day

November 28, 2016/by yuwebadn

How to build your CV

October 30, 2016/by yuwebadn

Coop Program Orientation 20161

October 11, 2016/by yuwebadn


October 8, 2016/by yuwebadn

Invitation: YU vs NBU Final Football Match (Male Students)

February 20, 2016/by yuwebadn

Placement Test for CMP 001

January 25, 2016/by yuwebadn

Invitation to International P2P: Challenging Extremism

December 15, 2015/by yuwebadn

Workshop – Questionnaire Design by Dr. Hanan

November 29, 2015/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University is accredited by the NCAAA

July 2, 2015/by yuwebadn

YU Students Win HIC 8 Semi-Finals & Qualify to Global Level

February 23, 2015/by yuwebadn

“My Health in My Will” held in collaboration with “Purity”

December 14, 2014/by yuwebadn

Al Yamamah University welcoming new students

August 27, 2014/by yuwebadn

New issue of Al Yamamah University Magazine “ Pillars” published

December 27, 2013/by yuwebadn

YU established the Ghazi Al-Gosaibi chair

May 4, 2013/by yuwebadn

H.R.H. Princes Maude Bint Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al Saud patronizes Graduation Ceremony of female students, year 2013

April 28, 2013/by yuwebadn

Minister for Social Affairs Presides Over Graduation

April 5, 2013/by yuwebadn
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