Since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2005, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, relying on its enormous resources, has sought to propel its performance in the international competitiveness index into the top ten most attractive countries for foreign investment by the year 2010. To contribute to this noble achievement, Al Yamamah University is poised to provide the national and the regional markets with highly qualified young entrepreneurs.

SABB Investment Research Center

In collaboration with the Saudi British Bank (SABB), Al Yamamah University is the proud home of the SABB  Investment Research Center, which has separate branches. The SABB Investment Research Center aims to assist students and faculty members, especially from the College of Business Administration, by providing them with real time access to both local and international financial markets. it provides training and hands-on experience in the use of sophisticated financial software applications that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge and develop their professional skills.

Center for Business and Applied Research (CBAR)

The Center for Business and Applied Research was established in 2012 in order to encourage faculty research and scholarly production while strengthening the links between teaching and research at the undergraduate level. CBAR seeks to forge collaborative partnerships with participating universities, government agencies and the business community to create opportunities for sponsored research programs aimed at fostering business development, while making contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the country and the region.

Microsoft Innovation Center

Al Yamamah University is pleased to host Saudi Arabia’s only Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC). These are state-of-the-art technical facilities designed and operated with the goal of facilitating collaboration between government academic and industry participants on innovating research, technology and software solutions. There are currently more than 90 such center world-wide, working to promote advances in technology while simulating local software economies through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation. Students in the College of Computer and Information Systems benefit from access to specialized technical training as well as MIC sponsored industry events thought the year.