Sport Facilities

The University encourages students, faculty and staff to pursue and attain a healthy lifestyle by integrating body and mind through recreation and sporting activities. We believe that these activities are especially essential for students to reach their full individual potential. For that purpose, YU campus houses a sports club on the main campus. The club has courts for volleyball, basketball and handball, along with a bowling alley, as well as a fully equipped gym area; to welcome those who want to keep fit, or just want to spend some leisure time there. Apart from that, the outdoor sporting facilities include a soccer field, and tennis and basketball courts, prepared for hosting public sports’ events. Not overlooking the importance of sports and well-being for girls, we have incorporated an exercise/recreation area in their building with a gym, an exercise studio and recreation facilities including a bowling alley. These facilities will help contribute to the mission and vision of Al Yamamah University, which is to provide the best possible resources for students to develop their full potential.

Lounge & Dining

Al Yamamah University aspires to provides students with all services they need on campus. For this the Men’s Campus houses a student lounge in the hall of library building, where students can sit, relax,study, browse the internet or watch television in their free time

The university hosts a number of carefully chosen restaurants and cafeterias that offer a variety of food and beverages. The main campus has a canteen that serves a wide variety of rich and healthy food, snacks, sandwiches and beverages all competitively priced.

The women’s campus houses a food court that allows students, staff and faculty to enjoy a friendly atmosphere with a meal from a number of cafeterias competing to provide the best catering service.