The Marketing program aims to develop energetic marketing professionals with passion for quality market research, business development, and growth of organizations. Students choosing to major in marketing have the opportunity to custom-design (choice of selecting minors from other majors) their programs. Non-marketing students, interested in marketing, may select marketing courses that complement their major as minor or as elective courses.

The Department of Marketing’s program provides a basic foundation in marketing skills, theory, and best practices, domestic and international. It prepares students the opportunity to become a marketing professional, and continuing on to graduate study. Marketing is a field that offers ambitious students rewarding career opportunities. In fact, about a third of all employees work in marketing-related activities.

Marketing is an essential part of every business and our everyday lives. If we participate in a job interview, post a review on social media or sell something online, we rely on our marketing skills. Students pursuing marketing careers learn to create and measure marketing messages to understand how products and services are developed, priced, promoted, distributed and sold.

The Saudi population is also increasing rapidly, with increased demand on higher education, and this can be found from the Boston Group Matrix of industry growth. In addition, KSA is witnessing population growth, characterized by the predominance of younger age groups, as well as an increasing number of females seeking higher university education.

Teaching and curriculum emphasize problem-solving: determining the actions necessary to satisfy customer needs through rigorous planning, implementation and control of activities in a competitive market place. The curriculum addresses many areas including customer service, traditional marketing techniques as well as new social media.

MKT 415 Sales Management 3 MKT 102 & ECO 202
MKT 411 Marketing Strategies 3 MKT 311
MKT 311 Consumer Behavior 3 MKT 102 & ECO 202
MKT 418 International Marketing 3 MKT 311
MKT 312 Marketing Research 3 MKT 311
MKT 417 Retail Management 3 MKT 312
MKT 314 Marketing Management 3 MKT 102 & ECO 202
MKT 315 Branding Strategy 3 MKT 102 & ECO 202
MKT 324 Services Marketing 3 MKT 312
MKT 414 Promotion and Advertising 3 MKT 312
MKT 323 E-Marketing 3 MKT 311

MKT 311: The objective of this course is to provide students with an in-depth review of psychological theories and research on consumer behavior. Applications, particularly in commercial advertisement and marketing, will be emphasized. Prerequisite: MKT 102 & ECO 202

MKT 312: This course addresses the use of marketing research as an aid to making marketing decisions; precisely, how the information used to make marketing decisions is gathered and analyzed. Accordingly, the marketing research course is suitable for both potential users of research results (decision makers) and potential marketing researchers. The course will translate a marketing problem into a feasible research question. Prerequisite: MKT 311

MKT 314: In this comprehensive and practical introduction to marketing management, students improve their ability to make effective marketing decisions, including assessing marketing opportunities and developing marketing strategies and implementation plans. Course topics include market-oriented strategic planning, marketing research and information systems, buyer behavior, target market selection, competitive positioning, product and service planning and integrated communications, including advertising, public relations, Internet marketing, social media, direct marketing, and sales promotions. Prerequisite: MKT 102 & ECO 202

MKT 315: Building and effectively maintaining brand equity is among the top priorities of high performing companies. Effective brand-building and brand management drives superior financial results, consumer loyalty and competitive insulation. This course provides students with insights into how profitable brand strategies can be created and the implications for brand management professionals. Prerequisite: MKT 102 & ECO 202

MKT 323: The course details processes for planning and implementing a comprehensive e-marketing strategy using alternative online pricing strategies, Web-based advertising and promotion, and Internet distribution channels; it also considers other critical issues, such as customer acquisition and retention and the challenges faced by firms in the application of e-marketing strategies in global markets. Prerequisite: MKT 311

MKT 324: Students examine the important issues facing service providers and the successful implementation of a customer focus in service-based businesses. Topics include an overview of services marketing; understanding the customer in services marketing; standardizing and aligning the delivery of services; the people who deliver and perform services; managing demand and capacity; and promotion and pricing strategies in services marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 312

MKT 411: In addition to being conversant with the concepts and theories associated with the marketing discipline, marketing practitioners must also be able to identify and address marketing strategy and strategic marketing decision making issues which invariably arise in all organizations. These strategy-related issues require skills in marketing problem diagnosis and in identification and evaluation of potential strategic solutions. Prerequisite: MKT 311

MKT 414: The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to all aspects of advertising and promotion.  It includes all the elements that comprise advertising, consumer behavior, creative strategy, media planning, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations and other tactics. It will Identify the terms and concepts that are commonly used in promotion and advertising. The course will prepare students to comprehend basic advertising, promotion concepts, and functions. Prerequisite: MKT 312

MKT 415: Introduces students to the discipline of sales management and salesperson’s management in the market place. Presents an overview of the basic principles of marketing and its theories along with the applied theories on selling and sales management. Lecture 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MKT 102 & ECO 202

MKT 417: The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the world of  Consequently, we will study the elements that comprise the retail mix, including strategic planning in retailing, types of retail institutions, understanding consumers, selecting retail site locations, pricing, store management, store layout & design and customer service. Prerequisite: MKT 312

MKT 418: Introduces students to the discipline of international marketing and the need to create customer value and customer relationships in the international market place. Presents an overview of the marketing principles, concepts, management strategies and tactics, along with the analytical tools, used by organizations in the creation of a marketing plan to promote ideas, products, and/or services to selected target groups. Prerequisite: MKT 311