Dr. Ibrahim Aloqily, Associate Prof


Ibrahim Al-Oqily is an associate professor in the faculty of Engineering and Architecture (CoEA), Computer Engineering Department (CED). Previously was in the Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdallah II For Information Technology. He obtained his BS in Computer science, Mu‟ta University, Alkarak, Jordan, 1989-1993 (Excellent). He got his MSc. In computer science, Jordan University, Amman, Jordan, 2001-2003 (Very Good) and his PHD. In computer science, Ottawa university, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2004 – July 2008. He has three years vice dean of the IT faculty, chairman of computer information systems department, chairman of software engineering department, and chairman of computer science department. 10 years of professional experience in teaching university level courses, five years of professional experience in teaching computer software, and four years professional experience in application development testing and system analyst. Aloqily is an IEEE senior member and an active IEEE member since 2005. He is the co-founder of the Jordanian programming association and the YU-IEEE student branch.


Areas of Expertise

  • Autonomic computing
  • Overlay networks
  • Ad-hoc Networks
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Social Networks
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  • May 2008, IEEE student Award, NOMS conference, Brazil
  • March 2010, the honor prize for the best paper in 2009, the ministry of higher education and research, Jordan
  • May 2011,  the  first  prize  of  the  4th   national  technology  parade,  Philadelphia University,
  • May 2012, the first prize of the 5th national technology parade, Hashemite University,


  • Participate in the preparation of the draft " National Information Security", which aims to raise awareness about the importance of information security in Jordan at various levels, starting from schools and ending in private companies and banks, it also designed to raise the level of protection of workers in information technology and to research and prepare trained personnel to raise the level of protection in national
  • Main researcher for the project "Seamless Mobility Management of Users and Services over Heterogeneous Networks" funded by the Hashemite University. End date Jun, 2012.
  • Design and Implementation of Water Distribution System for Pipeline Monitoring and Protection in Jordan, funded by the Hashemite University. End date Sept, 2012
  • Mobility Tracking and Prediction Using Data Mining Patterns in the Hashemite University Campus, funded by the Hashemite University. End date Sept, 2012
  • Participated in the Tempus project "Reorient University Curricula to Address Sustainability (RUCAS) (511118-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-GR-TEMPUS- JPCR) ".
  • Participated in the Tempus project " Development of an Interdisciplinary Program on Climate Change and Sustainability Policy (CLIMASP) (543879-TEMPUS-1-2013- 1-GR-TEMPUS-JPCR) ", Ends 2016

Current Teaching

CIS 202: Data Structures

CIS 351: Client Server programming

Graduate Teaching

  • Management Of Technology And Innovation
  • Introduction To Database Systems
  • Database Programming For The World Wide Web
  • IT For Managers

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Programming Fundamentals I
  • Programming Fundamentals II
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Client Server Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Communications
  • Database Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Chairman of Computer Engineering Department, Al Yamamah University, September 2018- present
  • Founder of YU IEEE student branch
  • Associate Prof. of Computer Science, Al Yamamah University, Riyadh.
  • Vice-Dean of IT faculty, Hashemite University, Jordan.
  • Chairman of Computer Science Department, Hashemite University, Jordan.
  • Chairman of Computer Information Systems Department, Hashemite University, Jordan.
  • Chairman of Software Engineering Department, Hashemite University, Jordan.
  • President and founder of Jordanian programmers Association, Amman, Jordan.
  • IEEE Senior Member, Active since 2005. IEEE Computer Chapter Chair.
  • Organizing committee member, Program committee member of many IEEE conferences
  • Editor of many IEEE conferences
  • IEEE Jordan Section Young Professionals (YP) Chair
  • Head of the steering committee for Jordanian Collegiate Programming Contest (JCPC)
  • http://acmacpc.org/jordan