Dr. Maya Khather

Coordinator of Law Department / Associate Professor of Law


  • Maya has a PhD in Public International Law from Damascus University in 2011.
  • Prior to that, she worked as a Lecturer at the Collage of International Relations and Diplomatic Sciences at Al-Kalamoon University in Syria.
  • After that, she worked as an Assistant Professor at the College of law at Dar Al Uloom University for a period of six years.
  • Then she joined Al-Yamamah University in 2017, where she was promoted to an Associate Professor by a decision of King Saud University in 2019, based on her publication of research papers, participation in international conferences, and community services.


1- Books:

  • The New Terrorist Crimes and the Means to Combat it (published in Egypt, 2019).
  • The War against Terrorism in the Light of International Law (published in Prince Naif University, Riyadh, 2015).
  • The Legality of the Israel Separation Wall in the Light of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice (unpublished, 2005).
  • The Single Economic Sanctions in International Relations (unpublished, 2004).

2- Selected Journal Articles

  • Legal Dimensions of the Crime of Trafficking in Children (The Journal of the Iraqi University, 2018).
  • Money Laundering and the Means to counterfeit it (Arab Journal of Sciences and Research Publishing, 2018).
  • Nuclear Terrorism and Ways to Combat it at the International Level (Egypt Contemporary Journal, 2017).
  • Organized Crime, and the Ways to Combat it (The Journal of Damascus University for Legal& Economic Sciences, 2011).
  • International Protection for Children Affected by Armed Conflicts (under publishing).
  • The Legal Framework of the Crime of Cyber Terrorism (Arab Journal of Sciences and Research Publishing, 2018).
  • The Legal Framework of the Crime of Piracy (The Journal of Damascus University for Legal& Economic Sciences, 2011).
  • The Protection of Human Rights in an Era of Coronavirus (under publishing)
  • The Roots of Terrorism and the Saudi Efforts to Combat it (The Journal of Al- Nasser University, 2017).

Research Interests

  • Public International Law.
  • Human Rights.
  • International Criminal Law.
  • Combating International Terrorism.


Participating in the following Conference:

  • "Narratives of Power and Empowerment", Tunisia.
  • "The Role of Social Media in the Enhancing of Intellectual Security", Saudi Electronic University.

Attending the following Conferences:

    • The Role of Engineering in Economic Transformation and Sustainable Development.
    • International Conference of Higher Education.
    • Measurement and Evaluation in Higher Education.
    • The New Arbitration System and its Impact on Investment in the Kingdom.
    • Principles of First Aid.


  • Introduction to Law.
  • Public International Law.
  • International Organizations.
  • Human Rights.
  • International Law of the Sea.
  • Private International Law.
  • Criminology & Penology.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Administrative Judiciary.
  • Sports Law.


Committee and Administrative Experience in University

  • Assistant of the Dean of the Law Collage for Post Graduate Students.
  • Membership in the following Committees in YU:

College Council, Department Council, Annual Collage Report, Representative for Public Law Department, Quality Representative, the Scientific & Organizing Committee of Al                  Yamamah Legal Forum 2020, and supervising the participants in both the Arbitration and the Student Pleading Competitions 2020.

  • Assistant of the Dean of the Law Collage in DAU.
  • Vice Dean of Admission and Student Affairs in DAU.

Awards and Honors Certificates

  • The Director of YU for the active participation in the work of the Scientific Committee of the Al-Yamamah University Law Forum.
  • The Collage of Law at YU for the active participation in the organizing of the competition of “moot court”.
  • The Student Affairs at DAU for the participation in charity activities.
  • The Exam’s Committee at DAU.
  • The Director of DAU for the efforts to obtain French Academic Accreditation.
  • Law Club at DAU for the efforts in the conferences: “Protection of Children from Sexual Harassment", and “Arab Human Rights Day”.
  • The Human Rights Commission for the participation in the Arab Human Rights Day.
  • The Student Support Center at DAU for the active participation in the workshop of “My Academic Advisor Determines My Way”.