Ms. Doaa Habis


Doaa Habis Ms. Doaa Habis is a Lecturer in the faculty of Engineering and Architecture (CoEA), Interior Architecture program. She got her BS in interior design from Dar al Hekma University in 2002 with honor and her master’s degree in Urban Planning from American university of Sharjah in 2016. Previously was a faculty in a number of national and international universities such as the Canadian University of Dubai and Dar Al Hekma University in Jeddah. She has over ten years of professional experience in Interior design and architecture in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi.

Worked with Abu Dhabi municipality to revitalize al Ain urban city center in 2016. As well as her extensive experience in interior design in projects such as the ministry of health in Dubai and the chamber of commerce in Jeddah and a solid foundation in urban planning concepts and theory. Habis is a member of number of leading design committees such as Saudi Designers, Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID), and Dubai Design & Fashion Council.