Nebila Dhieb, PhD

General Director of INTERLINK / Assistant Professor

Dr. Nebila Dhieb Is Director of the University Preparatory Center and General Director of INTERLINK International Institutes at Al Yamamah University. She oversees the teaching of English, Math and Computer Science in both Women’s and Men’s Divisions at the university, as well as all the outreach programs offered by INTERLINK. With MA and PhD degrees in Applied Linguistics from the University of Manuba (UM), Tunisia, and as Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics at ISLT, she has lectured on Curriculum Development, Applied Linguistics, English for Specific Purposes, and TESL/TEFL Methodologies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. During most of her tenure, she has been involved in facilitating different pre-service and in-service teacher training programs. An active participant in international conferences in TESOL, TESOL ARABIA, the Maghreb Conference, and INTERLINK’s various annual Training and Orientation sessions and ELT International Symposia. Her articles have been published in English for Specific Purposes, ITL Review of Applied Linguistics, CALL-EJ and English Teaching Forum. Her book “Understanding Reading in a Scientific Context: A Genre-based Approach” was published in 2010 (VDM). She enjoys helping teachers with their personal and professional development training, and counseling students on their education and career paths. Nebila is fluent in Arabic and French and during her free time also enjoys acrylics painting and reading.