New issue of Al Yamamah University Magazine “ Pillars” published

In connection with the Higher Education Conference, YU’s Department of Media, Marketing and Public Relations released its most recent issue of Pillars Magazine, featuring news reports, announcements of university events, and updates on a number of activities within the realm of higher education. It related the achievements of YU students both locally and regionally and published a number of cultural and thought-provoking articles contributed by both faculty and students.

H.E. the Honorable Minister for Higher Education Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Anqari highly commended the publication of the magazine while browsing through its pages during his visit to the university’s booth. He expressed his happiness at its regular publication and praised the efforts made by the teachers and students in writing, editing and publishing the journal.

Prof. Hussein Alfreihi, YU’s president, noted that university journals are among the most effective means of communication between educational institutions and their various stakeholders who are interested in keeping informed about university news and activities.

 He stated the Pillars Magazine represents a good start by the media department, belonging to the College of Humanities, which has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and is now in development. He pointed to it as a great opportunity for YU students to practice journalistic writing and develop other media skills.

Eng. Khaled Allaaboun, director of public relations and marketing, who serves as the magazine’s chief editor, stated that this most recent issue provides a panoramic view of the university and its educational activities. The format incorporates thematic content such as university news reports, accounts of students’ extra-curricular activities and a variety of articles touching upon aspects of university life.

He explained that one of the most interesting aspects of the issue is an open dialogue with HRH Prince Abulrahman Bin Musaid, president of the Al Hilal Club, in which he shared thoughts about his experiences, including some problems and obstacles encountered in the management of this year’s Al Hilal team. He also highlighted joint-venture initiatives between the club and YU. The conversation with HRH was notable for its candor and forthright expression, and included some exclusive revelations that were the occasion for thrills and suspense.

 The most important aspect in this issue is detailed Reports of Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Al Yamamah University and other foreign affiliated universities of the world. Also, the Journal contains a comprehensive coverage about Graduation Ceremony and Job Fair through writing different informative articles.

The editor-in-chief stated that the issue benefits from the literary efforts of Prof. Dr. Mojeb Al Zahrani, head of the humanities department, who contributed a short-story under the title, “Most beautiful broom in the world,” as well as from other contributed articles by faculty and students.

Journal editor, Mustafa Al Saleh, stated that the editorial board was determined to make this issue distinctive by virtue of the variety of its articles and by careful attention to the highest standards of professional journalism. The production team proved up to the challenge and put out a magazine notable for its excellence in both content and presentation.

 Al Yamamah University’s exhibit at the fair was notable for its attractive presentation that effectively introduced YU—including its faculty, departments, academic programs and curricula—to the public. It was visited by a number of officials from the field of higher education, including the Honorable Minister for Higher Education H.E. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Anqari, the General Chief of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices, H.E. Dr. Abdul Latif Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Isa and Cultural Attaché of US Embassy, H.E. Dr. Nasir Bin Mohammad Al Fawzan, Secretary to Higher Education Affairs and Scholarship, Chief Editor Al-Jazeera Newspaper H.E. Khalid Al Malik and a good number of government officials concerned with Higher Education.

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