Annual Meeting for Students with University’s President

The Deanship of Admission, Registration and Student Affairs (DARSA) organized on Tuesday 31/10/2017, the annual meeting of the students with the university president, Prof. Hussein Mohammed Alfreihi, with the participation of the deans, heads of departments and faculty.

Prof. Alfreihi welcomed the students and congratulated them and all the university faculty and staff on the university’s obtainment of the full institutional accreditation by the Education Evaluation Commission in Saudi Arabia, and commended their efforts that lead to this well-deserved achievement.

He also thanked the students for their participation in the meeting and stressed the university’s keenness to meet all the challenges and provide every possibility to create an ideal learning environment and a rich extra-curricular activities plan inside and outside university. He added that the students are the “center of the learning process”, and that the university “will employ its potential fully to serve the students and to create the right conditions for excellence and creativity”. Prof. Alfreihi went on to talk about the steps and decisions made last year to revise the programs, update policies and study plans, develop the COOP program and recruit the best faculty members which will play a major role in motivating dynamic quality work.

The Q & A session covered a wide spectrum of students’ inquiries and suggestions. The issues that were discussed included academic affairs, extra-curricular activities, logistical needs and various needs in full transparency and openness.



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