Remarkable Accomplishment by YU Students in Dubai

Remarkable Accomplishment by YU Students in Dubai:

Student Alwaleed Saleh Alomair Overall Winner of Public Speaking Competition

69 Teams from 45 Universities from 9 GCC & Arab Countries

Student Alwaleed Saleh Alomair proudly held the university flag high at the 17th Intercollege Environmental Public Speaking Competition organized by the Emirates Environmental Group in Dubai when he emerged as the Overall Winner of the competition which brought 69 teams from 45universities coming from GCC countries, and Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan and Jordan.

As the speaker of the team that consisted of his colleagues Abdulhameed Salahuddin Alquraishi and Turki Abdullah Alsayari, he delivered a commanding and persuasive presentation on the competition topic, “Sustainable Food Systems: Understanding Food Security”. Alwaleed argued that the notion of food insecurity does not seem to be real as the world is producing enough food. However the mismanagement of food resources (both by organizations and individuals) coupled with unethical economics and politics (that use food as a mere commodity, a tool or a weapon) are the main causes of the food shortage in many parts in the world. With his masterful performance and excellent public speaking skills that resulted from collaborative team work, sustained research and practice and team support, he snatched the Winner title in the said topic and the biggest title of the competition which is the Overall Winner for the 2017 cycle of the competition.

In the topic of “Quality Education: Roadmap to Sustainable Development”, student Sarah Hmoud Alrshoudi gave a thought-provoking presentation that she developed with her colleagues Sarah Ghali Alsaad and Lina Rami Mahmoud, arguing that quality education should be defined in terms of the rightful implementation and employment of knowledge and ethics and the real-life practicing of the concepts and principles preached in the classroom. Only then can education be a roadmap to achieve sustainable development.

Sarah’s fluency, excellent presentation skills and easy-to-follow content engaged the audience and the juries throughout the presentation and earned her the First Runner-Up rank in her category.

This outstanding student achievement in this competition is one in the series of similar achievements, as the university has been a constant participant in the EEG public speaking competition since 2008. Throughout those years, YU students have always come back home with trophies and achievement certificates in the individual categories or the overall ranking. This year, it is the third time that YU students took the Overall Winner title: the first time in 2009 and the second time in 2012.

The two teams were coached and supervised by Ms. Meher Sultana and Mr. Asaad Al Asaad.

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