Al Yamamah University and MA’ADEN Sign Memorandum of Cooperation and Exchange of Experiences

Al Yamamah University welcomed a delegation from Ma’aden, including Vice President for Learning and Development Partnerships, Mr. Fawzi Bou Bashit, Dr. Issam Abu Zeid, Senior Advisor for Learning and Development Partnerships, Mr. Mohammed Al Shehri, Senior Specialist in Partnerships Management for Learning and Development on Tuesday, January 2, 2017.

The visit comes to strengthen cooperation between the two sides, knowing that the University and MA’ADEN signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement will contribute to the activation of the role of companies and institutions in participating in the training and rehabilitation of university, students and employees of the company.

The meeting started with a welcoming speech by the President, Prof. Dr. Hussein M. AlFreihi, in which he welcomed the visiting delegation and highlighted the university’s objectives, future plans, programs and educational services to the community.

The Dean of Admissions, Registration and Student Affairs Dr. Soliman Alkharboush, made a presentation about the university and its colleges, the graduate program “Masters” and continuing education programs in the various diplomas offered by the university.

At the end of the visit, MA’ADEN’S delegation toured the university facilities, including classrooms, educational and recreational facilities

Al Yamamah University earlier signed a memorandum of cooperation and exchange of experiences with MA’ADEN. The memorandum of cooperation between the two parties includes MA’ADEN’S participation in the co-op program in its business locations and subsidiaries.

Al Yamamah University will also provide master’s programs for MA’ADEN employees who are enrolled at the university as students, according to the specializations available at the university.

The memorandum of cooperation also included the work of the two sides to develop a mechanism for the exchange of experiences and qualifying competencies from both sides, as well as conducting studies and practical research related to their activity.

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