Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Al Yamamah University held a special event to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. A number of well-known business leaders attended the event. HRH Princess Khuloud bint Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is active in the field of solar energy. Ms. Suha Mousa, Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Saudi Arabia, Sarah Alayed, Ambassador Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in the Middle East and North Africa and Ali Al Othaim, Chairman of the National Young Businessmen Committee.

Prof. Hussam Ramadan, Vice President of the university stated, “Since its inception in 2004, Al Yamamah University has been keen to be the starting point for all that serves the community by empowering the young men and women of the Kingdom to serve the country and achieve its establishments.” Then, Ms. Suha Mousa spoke about the achievement of the initiative I Have an Idea, Am I an Entrepreneur? An initiative, which aims to empower and encourage Saudi women across the country to pursue entrepreneurship. Ms. Suha then stated, “Over the years, the role of women has been limited around the world to certain fields. Women must be supported by both men and women to give women a chance to enter the business field.” Then. Mr. Ali AlOthaim spoke about the program’s partners, stressing the support of the Committee for legislation and laws that facilitate the work of business leaders.

The two families, Alhenaidi and Alsafi participated in the event in a panel discussion on family entrepreneurship. The talk among them revolved around their personal experiences in terms of the beginnings of their projects where they mentioned the importance of psychological support from parents who encourage achieving success. The second panel discussion was entitled Women’s Economic Empowerment, hosted by Sara Alayed with the guests being HRH Kholoud bint Khalid and Dr. Reem Alfaryan.

“I have had difficulties creating my own business, and with determination, I have been able to enter the business world by investing in solar energy.” HRH Princess Kholoud said. After the second panel discussion, the attendees went to benefit from the quick orientation corner, which provided an opportunity for those interested in business to ask a group of experienced business leaders about business related matters. Then, four panel discussions started. The panel discussions are entitled I Have an Idea, Am I an Entrepreneur?, I Have an Idea, How Do I Start?, I Have an Idea, How to Fund It?,  and finally I Have an Idea, How Do I develop it?

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day included workshops about the seven characteristics of business leaders. Motivation workshop by Sondos Addeebaja Company about self-motivation and developing the desire to achieve the goal, Innovation workshop by FullStop Company to guide mental abilities to find an idea to apply or develop through existing methods, Taking risks workshop by Shrimp Anatomy on the ability to overcome challenges to achieve goals. Leadership workshop by HR Leaders on the passion for work from motivation and desire for success and achievement of goals. Vision workshop by Olow Company on the ability to see the project clearly, Flexibility workshop by I Content Company on flexibility in finding effective and innovative solutions and finally a decision making workshop by Al Yamamah University on the ability to make decisions fast with flexibility and confidence.

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