Industrial Engineering: The New Department at College of Engineering

With the approval of the Ministry of Education, the university is pleased to announce the opening of the Industrial Engineering Department at the College of Engineering. This new addition is part of the university’s development plan to supply the labor market with qualified human resources in this field which falls in line with the ambitious Vision 2030 goals of building the national human capacity in the industrial and economic sectors.

The program will serve the goals of developing the oil and gas related industries, enhancing the contribution of renewed energy resources in the energy mix, and maximizing the power sector competitiveness and the value of the mining sector. It also aims to help the nationalization of industry by enhancing the local content levels in the non-oil industries, improving the performance of logistics centers and improving the local, regional and international connections of the trade and transportations networks.

This step comes in line with the national industry strategy of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources who will be a strategic partner in motivating and supporting investors to ensure the success of this strategy which aims to double the national GDP in the industrial sector by 2020, achieve a 9% growth rate in high-skills jobs and 16% in industrial exports.

University President, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Education for approving the study plan of the new department and the authorization to start admission in the program. He highlighted the contributions of a highly qualified team of experts in the design of the study plan which was revised and evaluated by two universities in Canada and the US. Prof. Ramadan added that industrial engineering is seen today as a very important specialization and profession the labor market that helps greatly in developing the means and systems of production, develop and innovate highly competitive products and enhance the overall competitiveness of the national industries.

The university announced the start of admission in this new department for the academic year 1439-1440.

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