Open Panel with University President

On the occasion of the start of the new academic year 2018-2019, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, YU President, and Vice President, Dr. Waleed Abanomi, welcomed all new and returning faculty in an open panel to discuss the university’s priorities and plans for the new academic year.

Prof. Ramadan highlighted the value of investing in the faculty skills and expertise to maintain the quality of teaching and learning at the university. He said that the acquisition of full institutional academic accreditation is a first step along the path of excellence, and that the university is working to obtain program accreditation to achieve the highest quality standards in tertiary education.

Prof. Ramadan also outlined the university’s top administration’s vision of creating and fostering an efficient and productive work environment where everybody is a partner in leadership and initiative.

Speaking about the new developments, Prof. Ramadan said that the new co-ed building will open its doors to students as soon as it is fully equipped by the start of the spring semester. He also announced the application of a new plagiarism detection tool to be used by faculty members when assessing students’ papers and to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity and originality in research. He concluded with remarks about the university’s ambitious plans to expand in terms of adding and opening new departments and specializations and new branches in the Kingdom.

The meeting was attended by deans, heads of departments and faculty members in both sections.



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