Al Yamamah University Celebrates the 88th National Day

The celebration of the Saudi National Day at Al Yamamah University began with the opening of the exhibition accompanying the National Day celebrations, in which King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, Darah, participated in the event. The celebration prepared a variety of pictures and portraits of the founding kings and a historical account of their vital role in the nation building of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition also included a detailed demonstration of the era of firmness and determination in the history of the kingdom.

After that, His Excellency, Dr. Hussam Ramadan, the president of Al Yamamah University gave an opening speech, emphasizing the university’s celebration of the great achievements of the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz, who took Riyadh as its capital in 1352 h. King Abulaziz came and united the illiterate, sporadic tribes through the concept of Islamic Tawheed. The president expressed his joy of such honorable Saudi history, which he believes should be an example of the strength of unity for other nations.

Dr. Hussam stated that, “the unification of the Kingdom is a remarkable experience worthy of pride. The greatest achievement lies in the continuous fulfillment of achievements that kept on growing gradually until the reign of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and his Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, may God protect them, who embodied their ambition towards the development of the Kingdom in the promising Vision 2030.” He also praised the heroic role played by our brave soldiers stationed on the border to defend our dear homeland, as they follow the underlining of the real national loyalty initiated by the founder of the Kingdom and its unity.

As part of the celebration, student Talal Al-Matrafi gave a speech in which he thanked the university administration for launching a course entitled “The Saudi Heritage” in order to emphasize the importance of diverse heritage and multiculturalism as the civilized front of our country. In his speech, Tareq stated that the university offers the Saudi Heritage course to its students as a free elective in order to educate them about their rich cultural and historic background. He added that the course covers the subjects of the Saudi heritage with its physical and intangible dimensions and its extension throughout history, discussing theoretical axes and academic application of the heritage aspects related to culture, life and people. At the end of the ceremony, the students of The Saudi Heritage course preformed an artistic operetta prepared and directed by course instructor, Mr. Rajaa Alotaibi, to celebrate this precious occasion.

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