Marketing Club Organizes A Focus Group on Trademark Development

The marketing club at the university organized a focus group entitled “Rebuilding the Trademark of Marami” presented by Dr. Khalid AlRajhi, VP of AlRajhi Holding Group and lecturer at YU. Marami is the trade name of the potatochips manufacturer and exporter Dalmaza Food Industries (Dafico), part of AlRajhi Holding Group.

Dr. AlRajhi started the session by going over the main objectives of this marketing initiative. During the presentation, there was a display of Marami’s previous and current product packaging in order to give the participants a chance to experience beneficial comparison between the old and new packaging.

Dr. AlRajhi stated that a powerful trademark demands constant marketing development and fresh ideas to keep up with the needs and interests of the targeted consumer. This emphasizes the importance of including the views of the consumers in the process of product recreation. He also stressed that coming up with a new product identity is definitely not an easy decision for a company, since it requires professional marketing studies and detailed development plans. The speaker ended the session by thanking the members of the marketing club for their remarkable organizational efforts.


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