A Lecture on Trademark in the Food Industry

The university held a lecture entitled “The Positive Impact of Trademark in the Food Industry” presented by Dr. Khalid AlRajhi, VP of AlRajhi Holding Group and lecturer at YU, Mr. Khaled Al-Omran, Maestro Pizza General Manager and Mr. Issa Almoawda, Brand Strategist, Blaze Burgers.

Dr. AlRajhi started the lecture by stressing that, “the most important elements for a business trademark are the name, logo and symbolic value”. The success of a trademark will surely result in consumer loyalty, increase of profit and a stronger reaction to price reduction. Later on, Mr. Almoawda shared his inspirational experience in building the trademark of Blaze Burgers Restaurants where he emphasized the importance of legal trademark protection and the constant brand expansion for the development of a successful business.

Mr. Al-Omran started his speech by explaining the trending phrase “War of Pizza”, stressing how they faced a price war with other competitors in the industry from the very start of their business. His experience shows that the price war had a major positive impact on their business, which lead to forming a strong base of loyal consumers. The fact that the market share of Maestro Pizza started at 3.5% in 2012 and then quickly increased to 7% in 2017 shows the intensity of the competition. The admirable efforts of Mr. Al-Omran as a Saudi entrepreneur included recruiting Saudis in all departments of the company and co-sponsoring the Saudi football team in World Cup 2018. The workshop ended with the presenters thanking the university for organizing such initiative to enrich the awareness of the future generation of entrepreneurs. Then, the university showed appreciation for the efforts of the presenters by honoring them with memorial shields.


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