Marketing Strategy Lecture in Collaboration with Ways Company

The marketing club at the university hosted Mr. Abdullah AlQassim, CEO of Ways, to deliver a lecture on marketing strategy. Mr. AlQassim started the lecture by talking about the stages of establishing his own project, which is now one of the leading Saudi companies in the field of digital marketing.

Mr. AlQasim stated that “the most important strategic elements in the development of the company and its spread are digital marketing, creative writing, and artistic design.” He later explained several important ways to attract customers by meeting them and assuring that they are completely satisfied with the product or the service you are marketing. This emphasizes knowing your client well, taking the lead and guiding the management of the meeting. The speaker argued that believing that you know everything would only stop you from growing and developing. The lecture ended with the university honoring Mr. AlQassim for his outstanding presentation and speech.

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