The University Holds a Workshop on ABET Standards

The College of Engineering and Architecture held a workshop on the standards of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, presented by Dr. Safwan Qassim, Accreditation Program Evaluator, ABET.

As the college aspires to raise the level of its outputs to meet the highest standards of international accreditation, the workshop which was presented by Dr. Safwan Qassim, Accreditation Program Evaluator, ABET, provided an overview of the academic accreditation of ABET, explaining that it is an evaluation process that requires the scientific departments in universities and educational institutions to conduct a comprehensive periodic evaluation of all academic activities.

Additionally, he pointed out that the accreditation focuses on the efficiency of faculty members, the level of students academically, the support provided by the university to the scientific departments, the material and human resources and the quality of the educational process. Dr. Qassim stated that ABET organizes evaluation teams composed of specialists who are highly experienced in the academic, business, private and governmental sectors.


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