A Lecture on Corporate Governance by Mr. Aziz AlGahtani

As part of the YU Guest Speakers Program ,Mr. Aziz AlGahtani, Board Member and Audit Committee Chairman at Alujain Company was hosted on October 31, 2018 by the university to give a lecture entitled “Corporate Governance and Its Relationship with External and Internal Auditors”.

Mr. AlGahtani opened the lecture by introducing corporate governance as the way the boards of directors govern the companies. The lecture focused on the most important aspects of the governance process at all levels, which are the board of directors, board committees, chief executive efficer (CEO), top management and other departments such as finance, human resources, operations, sales and marketing.

By the end of the lecture, Mr. AlGahtani clarified the difference between internal and external audit, stressing on the importance of both types to ensure corporate success and economic growth for companies.


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