Athlead Team Visits the University

The Marketing Club at the university organized a lecture entitled “Bridging the Gap between Entrepreneurship and Real Life” by Meshal Alqudaibi, CEO and Co-Founder of Athlead, a training facility. The lecture took place in Sheikh Mohammed Alkhudair Hall, where he gave the audience a presentation on his project, and the stages of its establishment in a market full of strong competitors.

Mr. Alqudaibi stressed that setting a main goal in life is very important. He also stated that it is more important if the students start their own projects. Mr. Alqudaibi later pointed out that their marketing experience at Athlead with advertising on social media platformers did not yield a significant return on investment. He argued that social media influences lack the level of awareness in which he is looking for, knowing that the most important requirement of successful marketing is to listen to the client and get to know their needs.


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