LEAN Business Solution: An Industry Visit

Industry visits are always a source of inspiration for the students to see what is happening in the real world and to evaluate themselves. They also provide an opportunity to the students to know markets demands, expected tools, and running projects, and to find space for themselves.

To achieve these targets, CEA Al-Yamamah University is always seeking valuable opportunities to provide to its students.  Accordingly, on 28th October, an industrial visit of LEAN Business Solutions in Riyadh KSA was managed by Dr Amjad Khan CEA faculty member.

Mr Abdulaziz Almohammadi, Manager of LEAN took the students on a tur around the company premises, and gave them a presentation about its projects. LEAN also demonstrated Data warehousing projects, their data analyses techniques, dashboard preparation and evaluation systems.

Mr Almohammad, reviewed weekly progress evaluation of a project to students, and explained their expectations, achievements and future work, all discussed in the presence of students.

Finally, a group of students were invited to as brainstorming session about the requirements of online hospital reservation, dashboard preparation, weakness in the current systems, as examples of the projects the company delivers.


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