The Reality of Saudi Marketing: Lecture by Dr. Al-Abdali at the University

The university hosted a lecture on “The Reality of Saudi Marketing and Potential Career Opportunities” by Dr. Obaid Al-Abdali, Professor of Marketing and founder of Al-Abdali Salon as part of the initiatives organized by The Marketing Club during this academic year.

The lecture included a comprehensive overview of the concept of marketing and its frameworks and the obstacles that may limit the development of the profession in the Saudi society, in addition to discussing the behavioral aspects of consumers.

Dr. Al-Abdali discussed the impact of modern marketing on the Saudi society in terms of the concepts and standards of digital marketing.

In addition, the lecturer went over the future of the profession of marketing in the Saudi market and the promising opportunities for graduates of this specialization in relation to the 2030 Vision.

 Dr. Yousif AlRashidi, Director of Communication and University Relations honored Dr. Obaid Al-Abdali for his outstanding speech to show appreciation by the end of the lecture.


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