The University Concludes its Sports Activities for the Fall Semester

The Deanship of Admissions & Registration and Student Affairs organized a special ceremony to celebrate the completion of the sports activities for the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019.

Prof. Hussam Ramadan, President, Eng. Khalid Allabboun, General Manager for Finance and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Sultan Alotaibi, Acting Dean of Admissions & Registration and Student Affairs opened the celebration which was attended by a large group of students and university staff.

The ceremony started with verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by Dr. Alotaibi who stressed that sports activities are desgined to prepare the students in a balanced and integrated manner in all respects. He stated that stable physical activity not only strengthens the body, but also promotes the concept of team spirit and the realization of the correct educational dimension of sports competitions. This kind of physical activity provides students with skills and motor abilities that they need to build a healthy body.

Dr. Alotaibi also announced the approval of the university president, upon direct recommendations by Mr. Khaled Alkudhair, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, to develop sports facilities and create additional lounges to accommodate new sports activities.

Competitions between the teams (students and university staff) continued over the course of two weeks in both the Football Tournament Championship – the Bowling Championship – the Billiards Championship – the PlayStation Championship.

The university honored the winning teams and individuals in this tournament based on the following results:

1- The football championship for the university employees: The Student Affairs team won the 1st place, the Interlink Language Center team won 2nd place, and the Support Services Department team won 3rd place.

2 – Bowling Championship: 1st place was won by Mr. Ali Al Jaziri from the Deanship of Student Affairs, 2nd was Mr. Edwin Garcia from the Support Services Department, and 3rd place was Mr. Ruwail Minkanman, Support Services Department.

3 – Table Tennis Championship for the university employees: Ahmed Talaat won 1st place in the Interlink Language Center. Eng. Khaled Allaaboun, General Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the university won 2nd place.

4 – Futsal Football Championship: The Joker team won the 1st place in College of Business Administration. Al Hilal team won the 2nd place in the College of Engineering and Architecture and the Barcelona team won the 3rd place in Interlink Language Center.

The student Abdulaziz Alghanous earned Best Player in the championship and the student Omar Alsirri earned Best Goalkeeper.

5 – Billiards Championship – Student Fares Almutairi won 1st place, Rakan Buqi won 2nd place, and Faisal Almuqarni won 3rd place.

6 – Bowling championship – Students: Mohammed Alsakka won 1st place, Ibrahim Alswaina won 2nd place, and Turki Bahaq won 3rd place.

7 – PlayStation Championship – Students: Osman Alawairdi won 1st place, Mohammed Alsakka won 2nd place, and Bashar AlMahmoud won 3rd place.


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