FinTech Introduction Lecture by HalalaH at the University

The university held a lecture entitled, “FinTech Introduction” by Mr. Mahir Samir Loubeih, Board Member and Director of Investment and Strategy at HalalaH. The lecture is part of the YU Guest Speakers Programs for the academic year 2018/2919.

Mr. Loubeih started the lecture by introducing FinTech, which he defined as “the use of new and disruptive technology in financial services. During the lecture, Mr. Loubeih listed the issues that Fintech is able to solve which include speed, ease and convenience, cost and customization.

Mr. Loubeih continued the process of explaining FinTech to the attendees by naming examples of it like InsurTech, Lending and Cyprto-Currency. He also stressed the fact that FinTech is available for everyone to access and make use of its advantages.

Finally, the lecturer presented how Saudi Arabia is supporting FinTech through SAMA Sandbox, NDU, Saudi FinTech and CMA Sandbox.

By the end of the lecture, the university honored Mr. Loubeih to show sincere appreciation of his efforts.


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