Saving Lives in Modern Buildings Workshops by Hilti

As part of the Guest Speakers Program, the College of Engineering and Architecture organized a workshop entitled “Fundamentals of Passive Fire Protection: Saving Lives in Modern Buildings” presented by Mr. Hussein Abu Sheikha, Head of Strategic Engineering, Hiliti. The workshop took place in Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall on November 28th, 2018.

Eng. Abu Sheikha stated that Hilti’s main goal, as safety engineers, is to protect people, and assets and to always ensure the application of the codes and regulations accurately and effectively

Eng. Abu Sheikha also emphasized the importance of fire rating by defining it as, “the duration of time in which flames do not pass through the systems”.

At the end of the workshop, the College of Engineering and Architecture honored Eng. Hussein Abu Sheikha for his contribution to show appreciation of his time and efforts.


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