Ghazi AlGosaibi Chair Held a Cultural Open Discussion with Mr. Abdullah AlSadhan

Ghazi AlGosaibi Chair for Development and Cultural Studies at Al Yamamah University held a cultural open discussion with the artist Mr. Abdullah AlSadhan to discuss the history of theatre in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. AlSadhan started the discussion by talking about the beginning of his career with the Saudi theater and television. He also talked about the stages of his life with the art of theatre. He stated that his work experience gave him an artistic lifestyle full of giving and productivity, in which he is sincerely thankful for. Later in the discussion, he talked about the most important challenges that face theatrical work and television.

Dr. Hussam Ramadan, President of Al Yamamah University, Dr. Walid Abanmi, Vice-President of AlYamamah University and Dr. Nasser AlHujailan, Chairman of Ghazi AlGosaibi Chair, a large number of YU students, staff members and guests who are interested in the field of theatrical art attended the discussion.


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