The Univeristy Hosts iHR Lecture on Benefits and Rewards

The university hosted the fourth and the last iHR of the series of lectures entitled, “Benefits and Rewards. What, Why and How?” by Ms. Hayat Alayashy, Director MEA Rewards & ME Talent Management at Alstom.

Ms. Alayashy started speech by explaining that in building an effective reward strategy in the company, the categories of employees vary according to the classification of their roles and achievements. She also mentioned the nature of building strong foundations for reward management, including the economic factor and its significant impact on the employees and the company.

Ms. Alayashy later explained the importance of competitiveness in the formulation of the principles of rewards and incentives for employees. She stated that, “statistics and scientific studies indicate that the cost of employees on the company represents 73% of the company’s income”.

At the end of the lecture, there was an open discussion with the attendees for answering their questions and share their comments on the lecture.


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