The University Hosts the Crafts Initiative by Alrajhi Charitable Foundation

In appreciation and support for writers, the university hosted a workshop entitled, “Crafts Initiative”  offered by Dr. Khalid Alrajhi, Adjunct Professor at Al Yamamah University. The workshop was sponsored by Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation, which is now recognized as one of the most important donor institutions in the Kingdom. The initiative aims to develop creative writing skills among young people in order to enhance the quality of books. The workshop was attended by an elite group of writers, media professionals, authors and professors from Saudi universities.

Dr. Waleed Abanami, Vice-President of Al Yamamah University welcomed the participants of the workshop and stressed that the university and Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation share mutual visions and missions in serving the community and discovering creativity by motivating the youth to achieve Vision 2030.

Dr. Al Rajhi states that the strategy of work at Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation is based on two important elements, which are youth and creativity. He pointed out that the foundation seeks to find opportunities to serve the youth of Saudi Arabia with the institutions and organizations working in this field. The foundation aims to reach that goal through the presentation of new creative ideas that serve young people. This was followed by a video presentation on the Crafts Initiative, which was presented by Mr. Ahmed Alassaf, one of the supervisors of the initiative. Mr. Alassaf talked about the objectives of the initiative and its partners.

By the end of the workshop, the participants discussed their comments on the qualities of a successful writer and how can our society benefit from such talented writers.


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