Deputy Minister for Private Education Opens Tuwaiq Building at YU

Dr. Saad bin Saud Al Fahaid, Deputy Minister for Private Education opened Tuwaig Building, College of Engineering and Architecture at the university. The famous saying of HRH Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, inspired the name of the building when he once stated that, “the determination of Saudis is unbreakable, like Tuwaiq Mountains.”

The deputy minister was received by Mr. Khalid Alkhudair, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Al Yamamah University, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, President, and Dr. Waleed Abanmi, Vice-President. Then the Deputy Minister, accompanied by the university leadership, visited the study hall dedicated to the Saudi heritage elective course, which was prepared specifically to match the traditional theme of the course in order to allow the students to experience the reality of the Saudi culture fully.

Then, the board members gave the deputy minister a tour around Tuwaiq Building, where he happily cut the ribbon as part of the opening ceremony. After that, they listened to a presentation about the activities, events and achievements of the university, prepared and presented by Dr. Yousif Alrashidi, Director of Communication and University Relations, followed by a short introductory video about the university.

In his speech, Dr. Al Fahaid stated that the education in the kingdom is taking a huge step toward academic excellence, stressing our country’s need for elite private academic institutions that harmonize with the public universities in order to achieve positive change in the future.

Prof. Ramadan ended the ceremony by thanking Dr. Al Fahaid for his honorable contribution in opening the building, stating that the education in Saudi Arabia is developing and improving, and that the university is working towards the achievement of the expectations of academic excellence according to Vison 2030.


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