Student Khalid Aljemy Participates in the Saudi Cybersecurity Champions Program

Our network engineering student, Mr. Khalid Aljemy is officially part of the Saudi Cybersecurity Champions Program organized in partnership by the Saudi Information Technology Company (SITC) and Prince Sultan University (PSU).

The Saudi Cybersecurity Champions Program is one of the most important initiatives in the field of cybersecurity. The training program lasts for 10 months and focuses on intensive and comprehensive educational involvement by targeting Saudi graduates from all computer related field of studies. By the end of the program, successful candidates will be hired by SITC and start a stable and successful career.

Mr. Aljemy successfully passed all the tests and interviews, which qualified him to participate in the program as one of 25 candidates only from a variety of respectable universities.

The university proudly congratulates Mr. Aljemy for this remarkable achievement and wishes him a successful and beneficial academic experience.


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