College of Engineering and Architecture Holds SAP’s Dual Study Program

As part of the university plan to provide constant and professional training programs for the students during their years of study, College of Engineering and Architecture held SAP’s Dual Study Program to enhance the level of professional experience of our future engineers.

Eng.  Hussam Alkharrat, Director of Programs Development, SAP Training and Development Institute introduced the remarkable program for our students. The introduction included a demonstration of the benefits and opportunities available to the students of Al Yamamah University through joining SAP’s Dual Study Program.

Eng. Alkharrat stated that the course aims to cover all the interests of the engineering and architecture students, adding that the study program will provide an opportunity for students to join non-profit specialized courses that qualify students to graduate as program and system consultants.

This should qualify our students to compete in different career paths in the labor market. The program also provides an opportunity for students to learn directly from SAP experts, which will definitely prepare them both professionally and academically for their future careers.


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