Students Visit Heritage and Historical Villages in Ushaiger and Shagra

A number of students of the Saudi Heritage Course visited the Heritage Village in Ushaiger and the Historical Village in Shagra, accompanied by Mr. Mohammed Almuhanna, Head of Humanities Department and Mr. Raja Alotaibi, Saudi Heritage Course Instructor.

During the visit, the students were introduced closely to the details of the Najdi Heritage, which goes centuries back in time. The university strongly encourages such educational and historical field trips to implant the importance of the Saudi Heritage in the students and enrich their knowledge in direct relation to their courses.

The students’ delegation was accompanied by Mr. Abdulrahman Alomar and Mr. Abdulrahman Albabtain, Certified Tour Guides. They toured the ancient museums of both villages, and they learned about the traditional ways of living in the Najdi society.


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