Debate Club
YUDC was established in the summer semester of 2007-2008 as the first collegiate debate club in Riyadh and probably in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of YUDC is to help the students learn and improve their public speaking, dialoguing, active listening and negotiation skills through a program of activities, debates and public speaking events. What we hope for is to prepare a generation of skilled debaters ready for the interdependent world, which believes in civilized dialogue as the only effective means of communication and integration. The club members meet on weekly basis to practice debating and public speaking. The activities include, among other things
• Training in public speaking
• Active listening
• Learning to build arguments
• Researching information
• Watching and critiquing debates (such as the Doha Debates)
• Organizing monthly public debates and debate tournaments
The debate topics tackle a variety of educational, social, economic and global issues of special interest to the young generation. Membership is open to all students who have sufficient proficiency in English and a desire to improve their debating skills. You can get more information by contacting Mr. Asaad AL-Asaad at
Student Council
Al Yamamah University supports the personal and social growth of individual students, especially the development of their leadership skills. As such, the university authorizes the establishment of a Student Council to
• Promote student understanding of and appreciation for the complexities of the operation of an institution of higher education.
• Promote student participation in the discussion of issues relevant to the development of the university, using Roberts Rules of Order.
• Promote student representation and leadership, on behalf of the larger student body, to the administration especially on matters involving students.
• Promote transparency in the operation of the university.
• Support YU in the development of student services in accordance with the values of YU.
• Support YU in organizing, promoting, and conducting activities beneficial to the experience of students, while they’re at YU.
• Help disseminate information of interest to students
The student council units meet every two weeks during the academic year (fall and spring semesters), as two separate bodies, for men and for women. The council presidents plan the agenda for each meeting in cooperation with the student advisor. Every full- and part-time student enrolled either in SILC or academic credit courses is a member of the council, and eligible to participate in council sponsored activities. However, only full-time students, in good standing, may run for and hold the offices of unit President, Vice President, and Secretary.