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To the first official CSDC Newsletter!

This will be our first of many newsletters from the Counselling and Student Development Center. We are excited to share with you our latest news, including what we do, where to book appointments, student achievements, upcoming events, and so much more! We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward from hearing from you.

Ms. Kathryn and the Team

Do you need to talk someone? 

Make an appointment at to speak to someone about:

  • Your GPA
  • Your grades
  • Your classes
  • Personal issues
  • Medical issues that affect your studies
  • DN advice
  • A safe place to vent, express yourself, or sit quietly.

Coping With Exam Stress



Exam periods can be extremely stressful for everyone. You spend months studying only to have the bulk of your grade come from an exam that you are unsure about. It is important to make sure you do everything you can to look after your mental as well as physical health. Here are some tips to achieve that:

  1. Breathe – the first thing to do is to take a breath.
  2. List – organise your dates and times on paper that you can keep on your desk and you can keep focused.
  3. Collect – collect all your notes together and in order, noting anything that you know will definitely be included in your exam.
  4. Little and often – it is better to study for an hour or two at a time and then give yourself a break before studying again than to study for 12 hours straight and not sleep before the exam.
  5. Early – start as early as possible. If you start early, you will be able to study all your subjects and then revise and review as you get closer to the exams.
  6. Review – this is key. Review your notes and if you don’t understand something, go back and look at the material.
  7. Treats – you deserve treats for studying, including watching Netflix, going to a cafe with friends, or pick your favourite activity and do that, BUT only after you’ve studied!


Remember that exams are only a stepping stone in your career and do not define you as a person.

Upcoming seminars:

June 20th – How to Deal with Loneliness

June 27th – Seeing the Best in Others


Student Achievements:

This month we are celebrating those students who have made it through this semester, are graduating, who decided to take a step back from their studies for their health and all those in between. We are extremely proud of you.

If you would like to be included in future Student Achievements then please email with your name, ID, explanation of achievement and any documents that support it. We will be more than happy to celebrate you!

Center Statistics:

In April we have seen the following:

Total                 33

New cases      19

Follow-ups       14

Self-referrals      3

Current Research:

  • Perception of Counselling in Saudi Arabia
  • Does Active Engagement with Students Help to Keep Students Complete Their Education?

Do you see something here that you would like to be involved in? Send us an email – we would love to hear from you.

Student Jobs Around the University:

Send your resume to 

  • Library vacancies
  • CSDC assistant

Feedback Corner:

What would you like to see changed in the university? Do you have any suggestions? What do you love about it? Click here

to give feedback and have your say!

Where to find us:

We are located on the male campus, on the first floor, C-Wing, next to the SABB offices. C116

We’re waiting for you…!