Al Yamamah University – Al Khobar organizes a special introductory day for undergraduate students

As part of its continuous endeavor to provide comprehensive and enriching educational experiences, Al Yamamah University – Al Khobar organized a special introductory day for its undergraduate students. The event provided an opportunity for new students to explore university life and learn about the variety of opportunities and services available to them. The induction day was scheduled to include a variety of activities, including orientation sessions on the study programs, and campus tours to showcase the fantastic facilities and resources available. Students also had the opportunity to get to know faculty members and participate in social activities that enhance interaction and integration into the university community. This induction day came within the framework of the university’s commitment to providing an educational environment that encourages interaction and enhances the student experience. Students were encouraged to make the most of that day to broaden their horizons and build their social networks in the academic community.