The registration department is considered one of the most important university’s departments, as it provides a set of academic services that involve students since admission, during their studies and after their graduation. The registration department undertakes a plan for each semester before it starts to conduct student schedules and distribute study sections, and provide processes of add/drop courses, and facilitate procedures using technology, to facilitate the registration process and to achieve quality, transparency and fairness among students.

Registration Procedures

Registration is done through the Office of Registration and the On-line registration portal (Click Here) which allows online services and related to the registration through a specialized system that makes it easy for the student to choose the academic subjects he/she wishes to study according to the academic plan of the academic program. Registration for the Fall semester normally starts two weeks prior to the first day of regular classes of that semester and continues for about one week after classes begin (the exact period is specified in the Academic Calendar), while, registration for the Spring semester takes place in the break between semesters (ie between the Fall and Spring semesters). It lasts until the first week of the second semester.

  • A student must complete his / her own registration and pay the tuition fees and other charges during the registration period.
  • Once students have registered for classes, they may process schedule modifications during the scheduled drop / add period of that semester as shown in the academic calendar, through registration staff.

Online Registration

Online Registration Manual (Click Here)

EduGate Portal (Click Here)

Manual Registration

Visit Registration Office

Registration Forms (Click Here)