INTERLINK International Institutes

INTERLINK International Institutes have served thousands of English language learners from around the world since 1980. Our focused programs and courses help students and professionals to enhance their English language skills and develop time management, research, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Our programs include university ESL and EFL preparation courses, Corporate Training and Development, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and Academic Business English.


Committed to transformative education, INTERLINK strives to promote mutual respect, cross-cultural understanding, and peaceful coexistence by enabling participants to: recognize and appreciate cultural differences; communicate in accurate and thoughtful ways; and become creative and humane leaders.


Guided by standards of quality and fairness, we provide English language instruction, academic preparation, cross-cultural orientation, and professional development training in ways that empower participants to become engaged students, independent learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators. (Extended Mission Statement)


Committed to excellence in training, we believe that honesty, openness, and compassion are qualities fundamental to meaningful interaction. All our actions stem from a single focus – disciplined attention to student needs, satisfaction, and success. Our faculty embody the highest standards of professionalism manifested with care, concern, and commitment. Our administrators are clear that they lead best by serving and serve best by meeting participants’ needs.

The INTERLINK Inspired Model

Fostering critical thinking, academic readiness, and cultural awareness has been as important to INTERLINK as helping students improve their linguistic skills. At INTERLINK, learning is not viewed as the accumulation of data but as a dynamic process of discovery, reflective learning, and personal growth.

Founders’ Message


We are delighted you are considering the INTERLINK International Institute at Al Y​amamah University, one of the leading English-medium universities in the Kingdom and the region.​

Since its establishment at Al Yamamah University in 2004, INTERLINK’s unique program has enabled students to perform with distinction. Some of their achievements include employment with leading corporations in the Kingdom; superior performance in their academic studies; first- and second-place prizes in international debate competitions; successful participation in youth forums in Europe; and successful attendance at US, Canadian, Australian, European, and some Asian universities.

Since its inception in the United States in 1980, INTERLINK has helped thousands of students and professionals to achieve their academic and professional goals. Some have attended major U.S. universities, including Berkeley, Cornell, Duke, MIT, and The University of Pennsylvania among many others. Now as alumni, they are using their skills to serve their communities as professors, researchers, and executives at major international corporations, universities, and governmental agencies.

We hope you, too, will be able to take advantage of our unique learning environment and its motivating and enriching academic opportunities in KSA and abroad..

With good wishes,


Ahad Shahbaz President & CEO, INTERLINK International Institutes                                                                                       

Khalid Al Khudair Board Chairman, Al Yamamah University

INTERLINK YU Administrators

Bu-Madyan Kahtan, General Director

Dr. Bu-Madyan Kahtan oversees the INTERLINK International Institutes on all Al Yamamah University campuses in Riyadh and Khobar as well as the outreach programs offered by INTERLINK. Bu-Madyan is a passionate English language teaching professional who has been working in the field of English language teaching, program administration, teacher training, and curriculum review and design for over 22 years. After earning his BA in TEFL from the College of Education, he earned a TESOL Certificate and was appointed as teaching assistant in Sanaa University, Yemen. After five years of teaching EAP and ESP at Sanaa University and EFL at Yemen’s most prestigious language center, YALI, he received a Fulbright Scholarship and earned his MA in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at the University of Northern Iowa, USA. He then served as a teacher trainer for in-service and pre-service teachers in the UAE. His training included an introduction to portfolios and continuous assessment.  From there, he joined the INTERLINK team and within two years was promoted to Instructional Coordinator and then Assistant Director. After 13 years in the position supporting and supervising multiple teachers and administrators, Bu-Madyan was promoted to General Director. Bu-Madyan’s strengths include quality assurance, program and curriculum review and design, assessment, teacher training, counseling, and comparative linguistics. He speaks Arabic fluently. He enjoys cross-cultural interaction and is a lifelong learner.

Randa Sibahi, Assistant Director

Dr. Randa Sibahi holds an EdD in TESOL and an M.Ed. from the University of Exeter. She is a passionate English language teaching professional who has been working in the field of English language teaching, teacher training, and curriculum review and design for over a decade. Sibahi has written on reflective practice, project-based learning, students’ evaluation of teaching and learning, academic writing and professionalism. Sibahi remains active in the field of ESL by attending and presenting at conferences and has been a member of TESOL for many years. Her areas of specialization are: TESOL, 21st century skills and improvement of both teacher competency and student academic success.

Ahmed Saad, Instructional Coordinator

Ahmed holds a B.Ed. in English Language Teaching, which he obtained in 2000. He also holds two internationally recognized teaching qualifications: CELTA, obtained in 2014, and DELTA with a focus on ELT management. These qualifications have provided him with a strong foundation in teaching and managerial skills. As an educator since 2002, Ahmed has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer for different international teaching organizations. He has taught in various contexts and at different levels, from primary school to university level. As an instructional coordinator at Al Yamamah University, Ahmed is responsible for overseeing instructors’ implementation of INTERLINK curriculum. In this role, he works closely with instructors to ensure that they have the resources and support required to deliver high-quality instruction. His passion for learning and professional development has led him to pursue an MBA in Management Information Systems at Marywood University.

Ahmed Talat, Instructional Coordinator

Ahmed Abdulaziz has been in the field of EFL for 16 years. He is a CELTA holder and has a BA in English literature from Ain Shams University and an MA in TESOL from SIT, Brattleboro, USA. He has three diplomas from the American University in Cairo majoring in translation, interpreting, and screen translation. He has given a number of presentations at international conferences such as TESOL Arabia, Nile TESOL, and The International Symposium at Al Yamamah University. His areas of interest include iPedagogy: using modern technology in teaching to help better acquire the language and accent vs international English. He believes that contextualizing the language and building a good rapport with students are key in language acquisition. Since 2011, he has continued to contribute to Interlink Institution with dedication and love.

Ms. Maisaa Tubail, Instructional Coordinator

In addition to having many years of experience in teaching English language, linguistics and literature within a Saudi context, Maisaa Tubail has an international academic background as she lived, studied and worked in the USA and Canada.  Maisaa holds a Master’s degree in English from Indian University of Pennsylvania (IUP), USA and an advanced diploma in using technology in education from Athabasca University (AU), Canada.  She taught in King Saud University (KSU) and Princess Nourah University (PNU) before joining INTERLINK.  She has also been involved in training programs.  Most recently, Maisaa has given a number of presentations on using LMS as an educational tool during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.  She is currently an instructional coordinator (IC) in the INTERLINK program.  Maisaa has always been passionate about learning (to update her professional skills and knowledge in the world of academia) and teaching.  She is keen on bringing that energy into the classroom, encouraging students to see education as a dynamic process of discovery and continuing development.  Besides teaching, she worked for Saudi TV and in interpretation.  Maisaa is fluent in Arabic and is constantly refreshing her French!

Ms. Hasnaa Hafez, Instructional coordinator

Ms. Hasnaa Hafez is an INTERLINK instructional coordinator with over 22 years of experience teaching English in various institutes and universities. She has dedicated her career to helping students achieve their language learning goals. For the past 12 years, she has been a proud member of the INTERLINK International Institute at Al-Yamamah University, where she has had the opportunity to work with students of different ages and backgrounds. Throughout her career, Hasnaa has developed a passion for creating engaging and effective language learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of individual students. Whether working with beginners or advanced learners, she strives to create a supportive and dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and development. In addition to her work as an EFL instructor, she has also served as an instructional coordinator, participating in curriculum development and teacher training. Through these roles, she has gained valuable insights into best practices in language instruction and become committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in the field.

Partnerships & Projects

Since its partnership with Al Yamamah University (YU) in 2004, INTERLINK has been preparing YU students (both male and female) for academic studies. Over the years, additional programs have been established to further support the needs and aspirations of YU students. Graduates of INTERLINK YU are among the best prepared to continue their education in pursuit of advanced degrees from YU as well as institutions of higher education abroad.

Beyond the YU student body, INTERLINK serves the linguistic, academic, and professional development needs of the larger Saudi community through affiliation with governmental and private agencies. Organizations wishing to equip their employees with the specialized English language skills of their respective professions entrust their training to INTERLINK.

Examples of entities with which INTERLINK YU has had affiliations include:

  • National Information Center (Ministry of Interior)
  • SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation)
  • SAMA (Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority)
  • HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund)
  • INTELP (INTERLINK Teacher Training English Language Program) al Namouthajiyah Elementary-Secondary Schools
  • Ministry of Health: Psychiatrics Division
  • SALIC (Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Company)
  • The Charity Fund
  • Saudi Information Technology Company


“INTERLINK is the most important asset at Al Yamamah University. The English program distinguishes the university from any other college or university in KSA. The skills I acquired and developed and the potential it ignited in my mind is what I carry with me to the job market and it is what makes me stand out in a crowd.”


Sami Al Owaini

Investors’ Relations Officer, National Company for Education


My time at INTERLINK was nothing short of remarkable. From the point of landing in Riyadh to working as an instructor, I was met with efficiency, professionalism and the utmost care. This extended to the classroom where INTERLINK has outstanding and highly qualified instructors- experts in the field of English language teaching- who use their knowledge to inspire confidence within the students and ultimately generate outstanding results. INTERLINK stands out because of its supportive, knowledgeable, and approachable management team.


I was very impressed with the different teaching methodologies that instructors utilised as well as the students’ interactions and responses to them. The students…are confident users of the English Language. Through the student-centered approach taken in the classroom, I observed gifted and talented students from all over the world flourish both inside and outside the classroom.


Sikose Mjali

English Instructor


My experience in the INTERLINK program was very positive. It teaches students more than just English language skills. It prepares them for the workplace by teaching important skills such as body language awareness, presentation, analysis, and technical report writing which has benefited me in my business, study, and work at the United Nations.


S. AlMorshid



INTERLINK is run by the best and the most qualified instructors. I truly enjoyed learning new things every day in a creative way. We had the option to choose our areas of interests as subjects for our research projects. Fortunately, I had the best, native speakers as instructors. They helped me obtain a higher level of speaking and pronunciation. I liked the creativity involved in the methods that the instructors used.


G. AlKhayyal



In my orientation year, I was enrolled at INTERLINK and the program was amazing. It enhanced my writing and speaking skills. We had different activities ranging from class work to in-class games and the instructors were very helpful inside and outside the class. I highly recommend the program to those looking forward to learning English and for those who want to enhance their skills.


E. Ahmed



At INTERLINK I developed reading skills I use every day now. The communication classes in the INTERLINK program gave me the confidence and skills I need to do presentations on stage. Now I can present complicated topics to a large audience at work with confidence. Doing a mock trial was an unbelievably beneficial exercise in teaching me how to work in a team. The writing classes helped me learn how to best use vocabulary, and the listening activities dramatically enhanced my ability to use English in real situations.


Khalid Moulham Al Sabbagh

Marketing Manager, Corp Production Company


INTERLINK is a very pragmatic program that has equipped me with English speaking and communication skills. The skills I acquired through this program have given me an edge over my colleagues. Through my studies at INTERLINK, I mastered not only powerful, professional writing skills, but gained the confidence to speak eloquently in a public setting. I had an amazing experience studying here as it promotes creative learning. The instructors are very friendly, supportive, and provide individualized attention to students. The course I took had many fun activities intended for groups, which contributed to my team management skills. Overall, it was beneficial to my professional development.


A. Mustafa



My experience with INTERLINK was primarily with their English and Business Writing courses. These courses improved my creative and technical writing skills and greatly complimented my marketing education. I appreciated how the class structure was geared towards not only improving my writing skills but also training me as a future business graduate. As a graduate, I appreciate the practical skills I learned from these classes, such as case-study writing and analysis, reports and summaries drafting, and business plan development as well as the soft-skills coaching provided with these classes. The course structure forced me to improve my time-management and multitasking abilities with its constant stream of different tasks with varying difficulty levels. Furthermore, the instructors were always more than willing to have one-on-one sessions and provide constructive feedback. The courses not only complimented my business education but prepared me for the job market and have helped me tremendously in my professional life.


R. Faiz



The INTERLINK program made my English learning experience much easier and better. It helped me tremendously in improving my communication skills through presenting in front of my classmates and instructors. Now, these skills set me apart from my peers.


Rayan Barry

General Manager’s Assistant, Cisco – Saudi Arabia


The INTERLINK program has the unique feature of igniting creativity and potential in students eager to achieve and succeed. I have seen this over and over throughout my many years of service. I have the great pleasure, and honor, to help students along this path, and I see how they grow and evolve. I am especially proud of the students I trained to participate in a GCC-level, public speaking competition in Dubai. It was very professionally fulfilling to see them win first place prizes in a competition that brings together students from top universities in the GCC countries.


Asaad Al Asaad

English Language Instructor INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University & Student Activities Center Director

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INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University

Al Yamamah University

P.O. Box 45180 – Riyadh 11512 KSA

Phone: 011 2242222

  • Ext 3692 – Men’s campus
  • Ext 3665 – Men’s campus
  • Ex 4025 – Women’s campus
  • Ext 4485 – Women’s campus


Direct lines:

  • 011-4858629 – Men’s campus
  • 011-4858628 – Women’s campus


General Director:

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Details about INTERLINK programs

English Orientation Programs

INTERLINK prepares students for English-medium classes and academic studies  at Al Yamamah and at universities in the Kingdom and abroad

English for Special Purposes

ESP courses are carefully designed to develop participants’ language abilities in their specific professions

Corporate Training & Development

Corporations and government agencies contract with INTERLINK to provide workforce enhancement in key skills for managers, executives, directors, and supervisors

Al Yamamah University

Al-Yamamah University is located north of Riyadh, on the Al-Qassim Highway, and occupies an area of 160,000 square meters. It was designed in accordance with the latest standards for educational institutions.