University Characteristics

  • An institution of higher education marked by intellectual rigor and committed to the expansion of knowledge, offering programs of instruction and practical training in professional disciplines of critical need
  • English as the language of instruction providing enhanced access to global knowledge sources while developing in-demand communications skills and highly transferable professional capabilities
  • Al Yamamah University actively develops and nurtures partnerships with leading educational and research institutes to encourage faculty and student exchange and the transfer of knowledge and expertise
  • Committed to achieving national, regional and international standards of excellence as evidenced by institutional and specialized program accreditation
  • Works to establish close ties with key representatives from the industrial and service sectors in order to identify and respond to their emerging needs
  • Seeks to recruit highly-qualified international faculty and staff with academic credentials from recognized leading institutions of higher learning
  • We subject our programs and curricula to continual review, ensuring that they reflect the current state of the art in their various disciplines while being ready to expand curricula or develop new programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in response to community needs
  • Comprehensive application of quality assurance standards and principles in all fields
  • Encourage scientific research with specific application to community development needs