Deanship of Admissions, Registration and Student Affairs

The Deanship of Admission, Registration, and Student Affairs (DARSA) provides many services to academic programs and administrative departments by supplying them with necessary data and information for planning and continued development. It serves also to educate students about registration procedure, examinations, and vacation days, and prepares records and students’ overall results. Moreover, DARSA issues the academic calendar, student’s letters and graduation certificates.

All departments in the deanship play an important role that serves all students, seeks to facilitate their affairs and provides them with all the help they need in relation to academic requirements. DARSA also assists students who are facing academic challenges with the help of a specialized counselor.

The deanship aims to enrich students’ life by creating a supportive educational environment to practice and build their skills. It is also concerned with supporting students’ life in numerous fields and domains other than academic activities, such as helping students club to implement their planned extracurricular activities which include cultural, social, sports and scientific activities.