Facilities & Services

Al Yamamah University occupies an area of ​​160,000 square meters, It was designed in accordance with the latest standards for educational institutions. The men’s campus consists of the central academic building, the Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall, main library, students’ lounge, sports club and a mosque. The women’s campus is the fruit of that commitment, with a state-of-the-art campus featuring modern facilities – both academic and recreational – that are fully equivalent to those enjoyed on the men’s campus . Campus life at Yamamah University helps students from all different backgrounds meet and learn together, but it also creates opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and student clubs participating in external activities with university partners, helping to enhance their skills.. which is the most modern facilities and services as the following :

YU learning facilities are located in 3 buildings and consist of 101 well-equipped classrooms to optimize the learning process with all facilities that the students need during lectures.

2 small auditoriums with 60 seats each to host presentations, seminars and staff as well as student training sessions.

10 computer labs provide students with easy internet access and are convenient for taking IT courses.

6 Design Studios

1 Physics lab & 1 Chemistry lab

Located at heart of the men’s campus is a beautiful main auditorium designed to serve up to 1000 guests, and 30 VIPs. It is equipped with advanced audio/visual systems that can be used for public events as well as theatrical performances and conferences.

A beautiful auditorium has been designed to serve 320 attendees. The auditorium is equipped with advanced audio/visual systems that can be used for public events as well as theatrical performances and conferences. ​​​

AI Yamamah University aspires to provide students with all services they need on campus. For this, the Men’s Campus  houses a student lounge in the hall of the library building, where students can sit, relax, study,  browse  the  internet  or  watch  television  in their free time. It also houses a number  of restau­rants and cafeteria that offer a variety of foods and beverages.

In order to ensure everyone in YU can attain a healthy lifestyle; we took extra care in our choice of restaurants and cafés to serve our students on campus. Currently, students, faculty and staff have the option to head to one of the cafeterias and restaurants and choose from a verity of healthy foods, snack and beverages and enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal in a friendly and relaxed ambience.

The Campus Health Clinic provides primary care, crisis intervention, outreach and consultations, plus other health services, to the campus community. The Clinic operates five days a week from 8:00-4:00 during the academic year. When the Clinic is fully operational, a physician is available to students five days per week but when the Clinic operates with reduced hours, it is staffed by the Primary Nurse also make available First Aid Kits on the different areas of the campus.

Medical Clinic is located in Twaiq building Second Floor, E212

Counseling unit aims to provide personal advice to students on matters beyond traditional academic advice; it can include guidance on issues such as behavior, study habits, home and work problems.

The University encourages students, faculty and staff to pursue and attain a healthy lifestyle by integrating body and mind through recreation and sporting activities. We believe that these activities are especially essential for students to reach their full individual potential. For that purpose, YU campus houses a sports club on the main campus. The club has courts for volleyball, basketballand handball, along with a bowling alley, as well as a fully equipped gym area; to welcome those who want to keep fit, or just want to spend some leisure time there. Apart from that, the outdoor sporting facilities include a soccerfield, and tennis and basketball courts, prepared for hosting public sports’ events. Not overlooking the importance of sports and well-being for girls, we have incorporated an exercise/recreation area in their building with a gym, an exercise studio and recreation facilities including a bowling alley. These facilities will help contribute to the mission and vision of Al YamamahUniversity, which is to provide the best possible resources for students to develop their full potential.

The YU athletic facilities are designed to benefit the entire university community. The Sports Club building contains different sports facilities. There are facilities for volleyball, basketball, handball, bowling and weight lifting. Outdoor sport facilities include a soccer field, tennis courts and basketball courts.

Football Stadium

Table Tennis

YU Gym

Foosball Table

Billiards Table

Bowling Alley