Teaching and Learning Development


The TLDC provides a wide array of services dedicated to faculty members.  Faculty members are introduced to the TLDC in the first days of joining YU with the induction that takes place in the first days of each semester.  There they learn about academic, procedural, and practical elements of their new academic environment.  The TLDC organizes two full days of sessions that give a thorough introduction of the university and prepare faculty for their smooth transition into the YU academic environment.  Sessions are organized for academic procedures, YU departments and centers, research opportunities, teaching practices, and other pertinent ones.  The TLDC organizes training sessions throughout the year that are interdisciplinary about a variety of topics, such as advising, assessment, creativity in the classroom, and others suggested by the faculty.  Faculty members have responded quite highly when assessing the quality of training they receive from the TLDC.


The TLDC organizes a variety of sessions throughout the year, either planned or on-demand, according to the needs of the faculty.

Induction of new faculty members

  • YU Teaching Tenets – A workshop usually offered by the TLD Director that explains what the teaching philosophy of YU is.  Ever since the TLDC was inaugurated, the 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners™ were implemented.  As an English medium university, YU caters to the implementation of high-quality English language through different disciplines. More information about the 6 Principles can be obtained here.
  • Research in YU – A comprehensive session where new YU faculty are let know of the variety of research opportunities that YU offers to its faculty.  Projects, funding, rules, and regulations are explained to the faculty so that they are aware and avail of all the opportunities that YU has to offer.
  • IT Training – A session hosted by our IT department where faculty members are familiarized with different systems that are used at YU, Edugate, LMS, ticketing system for various services, and others.
  • Academic Procedures – A session hosted by the Vice President of the University where proper academic procedures are explained so that the faculty are aware of proper academic procedure.
  • YU Accreditations and Quality Assurance – A session hosted by the Director of Quality Assurance that delves into the YU accreditations, institutional, or program.  The session focuses on the quality measures that YU implements for successful accreditations.
  • YU Departments, Chairs, and Directors – A session hosted by different heads of departments, chairs, or directors that introduce their YU department so that new faculty are aware of them.

Specialized sessions for faculty

  • Rubrics and Assessment – A session hosted by the TLD Director that showcased the use of rubrics and how these can be used for formative or summative assessments.  The session focused on how to create different kinds of rubrics according to the needs of specific courses.
  • Take-Home or Open Book Exams – A session hosted by the TLD Director that explains the concept of take-home or open-book exams that was required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialized sessions for YU Academic leaders

4 Essential Roles of Leadership – a training session in cooperation with external speakers to explain the roles of the academic leader (Inspire Trust, Creative Vision, Excute Strategy, and Coach Potential).

On-Demand sessions

Faculty or YU academic leaders can request a session that is necessary for their college or at the university level at any time.  For any inquiries or requests, please email tldc@yu.edu.sa

Classroom observations

The TLDC carries out classroom observations in collaboration with academic leaders.  Deans of colleges can request for classroom observations throughout the year by getting in touch with the TLD director.  The TLDC is currently using VUWBO as observation software.

National - International Exposure

The TLDC staff participates in various national and international events, as participants, presenters, panelists, speakers, invited plenary or keynote speakers.

Latest Events:

  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, July 28).  Perspectives on Education in the Gulf: Looking Back and Moving Forward [Panellist].  1st TESOL Gulf Symposium, Kuwait.  Online. Forthcoming
  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, July 18).  Global and Affiliate Issues [Moderator].  1st TESOL International Virtual Conference, USA.  Online. Forthcoming
  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, July 8).  The Importance of Using Innovative Methods in ELT Classroom [Keynote Speaker].  1st International Virtual ELT Web conference, Ibri College of Technology, English Language Center, Oman.  Online.
  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, June 17).  Managing the L&D expectations and encouraging new skill development of your employees [Panellist].  Future of Work & HR Saudi, KSA.  Online.
  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, June 28).  Emergency Remote Instruction 101 [Invited Speaker].  Daring the Virus, TESOL Greece, Greece.  Online.
  • Georgios Kormpas (2020, April 10).  The Transition to Distance Learning [Invited Speaker].  McGraw Hill, Webinar Series USA.  Online.