Student Clubs

Industrial Engineering Club

The local and international companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia know the efficiency of industrial engineering students at Al Yamamah University and their ability to innovate and adapt to the various surrounding conditions and enable them to utilize their skills and educational experience in their professional field so that they can provide the best for their country.

Law Club

Raise the level of awareness of law culture among the community, contribute to establishing the legal voice of each member of the community, and open areas of cooperation between the club and other bodies that create educational environmental progresses

Architecture Engineering Club

Diversity in design that encourages excellence, social participation and continuous development of club and college members. Increase awareness of the architecture and seek collaborative network with communities in and off campus.

Take One Club

Strengthening the media quality of Al Yamamah University in all technical branches, and taking care of the talents of students and developing them in a way that serves the best media representation of the university.

Marketing Club

Opening up intellectual, cultural and practical horizons for male and female students in the field of marketing and business administration

Finance Club

The club aims to qualify graduates with practical skills and knowledge to lead the financial sector in the future.

Management Club

To reach administrative society that implements management skills in practical life, and makes innovation and creativity the basis of the administrative process in all its aspects.

Debate Club

Upgrading the dialogue, rhetoric and research skills of Yamamah University students, and creating an environment for dialogue that encourages discussion and attracts university students and others

Accounting Club

Spread awareness about the accounting major and qualifying students to gain professional experiences, and providing courses and workshops.

GDSC YU (Google Developer Student Club at Al Yamamah University)

Meet and learn with other budding developers and build solutions for local businesses and communities with Google Technology. Our values can be summarized in three words: connect, learn, and grow!

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