Humanities Department

In the increasingly globalized world, students need to understand a broad range of people, situations and information while maintaining their values. The Humanities department aims to help students, by offering a range of mandatory and elective courses ranging from Arabic and Islamic Studies to Critical Thinking and an introduction to Psychology, as well as new and interesting courses being continuously developed. Our foundation courses teach students to unpick messages they receive in research, the media, social media, and in persuasive arguments, to see what messages truly lie behind them, and to be able to question the information they are receiving.

In addition to this, emotional intelligence is at the forefront of most employers minds nowadays, which means young people need be able to deal with a variety of different people and situations well as well as being book smart, knowing how to. These course aim to guide students morally and look at the information they are receiving in a critical manner, as well as understanding a variety of different people from their view points.

This program provides courses with specialized content in specific fields of study. Focused on developing academic skills in students’ chosen fields, these three-credit-bearing courses are content-based, dealing with specialized terminologies.They develop students’ academic writing abilities for business, information technology, law, and architecture. Additionally, a graduate-level academic English course for MBA/E-MBA students develops their academic research, presentation, and writing skills.

These courses are offered only to students enrolled in the BA and MA degree programs. Current offerings are: