Counselling and Student Development Centre


The Counselling and Student Development Centre is a safe place for students to come to discuss and work on their academic practices. Students are either referred by their supervisors, professors, by other members of staff, or they can refer themselves to the department. Through individual support, students are given the tools to help them specifically to overcome obstacles and achieve their potential.

Each semester, student seminars are held on a variety of topics, including time management, wellness, and balance while at university, document preparation, and researching and citing correctly, among an ever-growing repertoire of useful material. The students’ needs are at the forefront of these, and they are only successful due to their invested interest in improving themselves.

Students who have worked with the CSDC have seen improvements in their grades, time management, confidence, and general wellbeing.


A host of seminars are put on each semester for students to drop into. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Wellbeing and Balance – understanding the stressors of studying and maintaining alignment with family, friends, and work is very important for each and every student. The seminar looks at practical methods of balancing life, including diet, sleep, and enjoying life.
  2. Time Management – this practical seminar works with the students to manage their time effectively. The aim is not to miss out on any important aspects of life, but to successfully manage to their weeks, avoid last-minute studying, and maintain a deep and meaningful relationship between friends and family.
  3. Notetaking in Class – taking notes in class can be overwhelming, so this seminar guides students in the importance of taking notes and then practicing effective notetaking in order to give confidence.
  4. Citations and Referencing – students are given a refresher on APA formatting for classwork. Each year an update in the referencing guidelines is published, requiring a revision in how students reference their work.
  5. Researching – Knowing how and where to research can be difficult for students, so a revision into reputable websites aims to help students to become more confident in finding useful and suitable information to include in their assignments.

How it Works

Students are either referred by a faculty member or themselves to the center through the email: The student is then contacted for an initial meeting to assess the situation. An individual plan is then drawn up for each student to work with them throughout the semester and beyond. Alternatively, students are able to drop in during office hours to discuss academic issues or concerns they have.

High Achieving Students

Students who are consistently achieving a GPA of 3.5 and above are encouraged to contact the CSDC and ask for opportunities. We aim to offer opportunities to boost additional activities, including attending external seminars, awards, and chances to help fellow students in the university. In addition to this, academia can be hard for all students, so having an open space to talk is important, and all students are encouraged to use the services offered by the CSDC.