Meet the Staff


Kathryn Hardy

I am Kathryn Hardy, dedicated to Al Yamamah University for over five years. Armed with a BSc in Psychology and Masters’ degrees in Applied Linguistics and ELT, along with certifications in counseling, addiction management, and well-being, my commitment to supporting students’ holistic development is unwavering. Since assuming the role of Director at the Counselling and Student Development Center in January 2019, I have worked diligently to establish a secure and welcoming space for all students.

My passion for professional development is at the forefront of my endeavors, driving the continuous enhancement of our department. I am committed to adopting innovative approaches that redefine our practices, ensuring that the Counselling and Student Development Center remains a dynamic and effective resource. It is my firm belief that through these efforts, we can empower our students to surpass their full potential and flourish in both their academic and personal pursuits.

Tala AlJifri

I am Tala Aljifri, and I play a pivotal role in the Student Counselling Center (SCC). My responsibilities encompass managing student inquiries, coordinating appointments, facilitating event organization for the department, and conducting research to fulfill departmental objectives.