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Investing four years in YU strengthened my belief that correct investments do lead to fruitful outcomes. Making sure it serves its students with the best available quality education, genuinely being nondiscriminatory, lime lighting the ones deserve-able for their outstanding and exceptional performances also, making sure it sets the best possible example to boldly withstand the competitive world in the field of education. Where I was, to where I am; my institute gets accountable unquestionably, that made sure I have the best possible competent skills, outclass presentation abilities and a will to combat for undivided justice and unity, regardless to any major chosen. Proud LLB Graduate with an absolute recommendation to give a thought and witness the best future being designed for you, down the lane. Highly qualified faculty promises you to have your career secured. I’m a living example to have endorsed this experience.  

College of Law

Nawal Bakhsh

My experience at Al yamamah University was transforming. I cultivated a lot of skills, and gained a great deal of knowledge. I learned how to manage my time, and how to present myself in a confidant state of mind. I also witnessed a unique opportunity to have seen my department become what is it today, from only having few number of studios , to a huge building equipped with labs ,modern looking studios ,  great gathering spaces  , and so much more. I am blessed with the amazing colleges I have met throughout the years, and the  remarkable facility ;  who simply helped me to become the person I am today.

College of Engineering & Architecture

Najla'a Al Shaikh

When I started studying at YU campus , I felt lost at the beginning but  things became much clearer as I progressed through the years. The university has paved my way to the success and  gave me an exceptional  educational and social experiences. Now , as   I was asked to write about my experiences at  Al Yamamah university, I couldn’t just think of a possible way to include every aspect of this great  campus . However, I can point out and  highlight some points that were important to me : The campus is well equipped with new technologies along with different types of rooms that suits students needs and more. The quality of education in my department ; Department of architecture , has left me up compared to other students in the  same field from other  universities, My capabilities had improved dramatically which encouraged me to achieve more and more . having said that, I could say students are lucky to be part of this great institution. Moreover , Vision 2030 was fully implemented in the university to create a ready output of students who could face challenges and be the future leaders  . I would see myself ready to be part of the great projects shaping my country in the future . Finally , I’m just glad to be part of this institution as studying here made me realize how lucky I was over the years!

Architecture - College of Engineering & Architecture

Ali Al-Rayes

Al Yamamah University

Al Yamamah University is located north of Riyadh, on Al-Qassim Highway, and occupies an area of 160,000 square meters. It was designed in accordance with the latest standards for educational institutions.

Latest News

The Teaching & Learning Development Center Organizes a Virtual Session for Faculty

The Teaching & Learning Development Center (TLDC) organized a virtual session hosting Dr. Christine Coombe, Associate Professor, Dubai Higher College of Technology, and educational assessment expert who gave a thorough revision and overview of the best practices in exam development. The session was organized at a time when all faculty are preparing to write their […]

26 Nov, 2020

Al Yamamah Hosts an Introductory Session by NEOM

The university hosted a virtual session about the NEOM scholarship program at NFTS, UK, designed for Saudi university students and graduates wishing to pursue a career in film making and building film industry. The session was presented by Ms. Bayan Bahkaly, NEOM scholarship program representative, who explained the goals of the program, the terms and […]

25 Nov, 2020

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020: Al Yamamah Organizes a Panel Discussion on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Tech Sector”

Within the context of the university’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, the university organized a panel discussion titled “Opportunities and Challenges in the Tech Sector”, delivered by Eng. Rakan Aleidi, founder of Shazer, Eng. Muath Almudaifer, COEA Alumnus, and COEA students Abdulaziz Alkhurayef and Abdulaziz Albassam, and moderated by Ms. Layla Albabtain, lecturer, […]

25 Nov, 2020

COEA Students Launch Peer to Peer Virtual Workshops Program

Students of the Department of Architecture at the College of Engineering and Architecture launched an online students’ initiative titled “Peer to Peer Virtual Workshops” where competent students help their peers and share with them their skills and knowledge interactively. The first workshop, “Export Drawings with Correct Scale and Line Weight Using AutoCAD”, dealt with the […]

19 Nov, 2020

College of Law Organizes a Virtual Lecture on PGS

The College of Law organized a virtual session entitled, “Evaluating Readiness for Post-Graduate Studies in Law”, presented by the Mr. Andrew Horsfall, Syracuse University, and Hanah Kothair, University of Minnesota. Dr. Abdullah Almutairi, Head of the Law Department , YU, moderated the session. , YU, moderated the session. The speakers talked about the importance of […]

18 Nov, 2020

YU Virtually Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

Al Yamamah University organized a virtual lecture presented by Mr. Bandar Aldaajani, Financial Advisor and Business Developer entitled, “The Suitable Business Model for an Entrepreneur”. Mr. Aldaajani started his lecture by demonstrating the importance of the business model for the entrepreneur. He also explained that the business model is essential for the company’s ability to […]

18 Nov, 2020

On the Occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Al Yamamah Organizes a Session on Building Brands

As part of the university’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, the university organized an online session cohosting Dr. Khalid Alrajhi, Vice President, Al Rajhi Holding and Chairman of Marketing Association, and Mr. Fahad Alsiddiqui, a COBA student and young entrepreneur. Dr. Alrajhi spoke about the importance of the business brand and the requirements […]

11 Nov, 2020

The Career Center Organizes a Session on Graduates and Entrepreneurship

As part of “The Next Chapter” series of workshops and sessions offered to senior students and prospective graduates, the Career Center, in collaboration with the Accounting Club at university, organized an online session entitled “Graduates and Entrepreneurship” and presented by Mr. Basil Alkorayea, Founder and CEO of RASMAAL, and Class of 2012 BOBA graduate. Mr. […]

10 Nov, 2020

COBA Hosts Alrajhi Holding Chairman of Board of Directors Online

The College of Business Administration hosted online Chair of Board of Directors, Alrajhi Holding, and CEO of Marketing Association, Dr. Khalid Alrajhi to address the students of international marketing in global branding. As part of the extra-curricular activity of the international marketing course, the event was organized to enhance the students’ knowledge and foundational background […]

8 Nov, 2020

Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, YU Holds an Online Presentation on Discovering Entrepreneurial Ideas

As part of the university’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, the university hosted Financial and Entrepreneurship Consultant, Mr. Bandar Aldajani who gave a special presentation entitled “Discovering Entrepreneurial Ideas”. In his presentation, the guest speaker highlighted the difference between the idea and the opportunity saying that a business opportunity consists of a number […]

4 Nov, 2020

Executive Education Center GRCP Workshop

The YU Executive Education Center (CEE) is launching a vibrant new training entitled GRCP Workshop.  The Governance, Risk & Compliance Professional (GRCP) is a global recognition and certification by OCEG (Open Compliance Ethical Group) & Governance Dynamics.  Participants will also receive a certificate of attendance from YU Center of Executive Education. This course allows participants […]

3 Nov, 2020

Director of Exporters Development at Export Development Authority Visit YU

The university hosted online Mr. Yasser Alsibali, Director of Exporters Development at the Saudi Exports Development Authority, to speak to students of international marketing about the exporters support programs and international trade in Saudi Arabia. The guest speaker gave a detailed explanation of the role played by the exports development initiatives in diversifying and developing […]

27 Oct, 2020